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Personal Injury Lawyer Wytheville VA

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney Wytheville VA Families Trust?

Personal Injury Lawyer Wytheville VA

A personal injury lawyer Wytheville VA victims trust from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt is available to represent you in your personal injury claim. Whether you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, hit by a drunk driver in a vehicle collision, or have experienced a bodily injury due to exposure to toxic mold, your neighborhood attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt are here to help. In fact, these are just a few of the types of personal injury cases the attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt have handled for people just like you in our area.

There are several advantages to hiring a neighborhood attorney like the personal injury lawyer Wytheville VA residents turn to from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt:

  1. Experience. First and foremost, Mark Hurt of The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt has 25 years of experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits and claims in Wytheville. This matters. It is important to hire a Wytheville personal injury lawyer who has experience practicing law where you may file your lawsuit. The law can vary by state and court practices can vary by jurisdiction. By hiring someone who is familiar with the legal community, it is likely that your attorney will know the opposing lawyers and judges. They will also know the laws that will apply to your claim and may even know insurance representatives personally. Even if your case doesn’t end up going to trial, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Wytheville VA can provide a distinct advantage in negotiating settlements and making sure that your claim is resolved as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  1. Understanding. Mark Hurt is a personal injury lawyer Wytheville VA community members appreciate. In part, this is because he understands that his clients are also his neighbors. This matters. He wants to provide you with the services you need so that you can get the resolution to your personal injury claim that you deserve. He knows you value your time, and he will make every effort to resolve your claim or lawsuit quickly and fairly.
  1. Convenience. The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt has an office in Wytheville, making it an easy drive, bus ride, or car service away. This matters. As a personal injury lawyer Wytheville VA locals choose, Mark T. Hurt is available for clients by phone as well as email, and he is also available in person. The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt prioritize communication by being able to meet with clients face-to-face. This personal service may seem rare these days, but it can be an important step in building the attorney-client relationship and making sure that you are getting the legal services that you need.

How Can Social Media Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

Most adults are using some kind of social media platform. It allows us to connect with old friends, stay in touch with family members, and keep up with the news and events. Users can share vast amounts of information about what they’re experiencing or feeling within seconds. As nice as this can be, it is possible for a social media user to inadvertently post something that could cause them problems in the future. This is especially common for people who have been injured in an accident.

If you have retained a Wytheville VA personal injury attorney he or she might advise you to exercise caution on social media sites. Here’s how your posts could impact your personal injury case.

When Social Media Sites May Not Be Helpful

There are many benefits to social media, but with a personal injury claim, using these sites may hurt you. If you say anything that could work against your case, you could lose all or some of your compensation.

You Risk Contradicting Your Testimony

It is possible to accidentally say something on social media that contradicts what you have claimed in a personal injury case. For example, you claim you’ve broken your leg, but you post on social media that you went dancing the night before. Even if you really broke your leg and was dancing sitting down or while using crutches, your testimony could be challenged.


Some social media sites use check-ins to show activities you are participating in. If these contradict what happened, you could lose your case. For example, if you’ve claimed you have limited mobility and cannot work, but have checked into a yoga class, you may have a problem with your claim.


If you post pictures doing something that you technically should not be able to do given the injuries you have claimed, your case may be at risk. On the other hand, if, for example, you have taken a photo of your children sledding down a hill, even if you were not sledding, but took the photo, the defendant might question why you were on the hill.


Even comments made by friends or family members could impact your case. The could make comments about what happened, who was involved, money you are seeking, and more.

Social Media as Admissible Evidence

Whether or not your social media posts will be considered admissible evidence will depend on the state and the circumstances of your case. In general, what you say outside of court is not admissible because it is hearsay. However, in the case of a personal injury claim, what you say outside of court can be admissible because you are considered to be a party of the case. Your social media posts may be used as a valid statement; therefore, could be admissible.

Don’t Assume You Won’t Mess Up

You might be thinking that you won’t partake in any of the above actions; that you will be extra careful during your case, and will filter your posts. It is too easy to say something you don’t actually mean or for the other side to misinterpret something that is completely innocent. The best thing you might do during your case is to avoid social media altogether.

Making Your Social Media Page “Friends Only”

Even if you choose to make your social media page accessible to friends only, it is possible for the other side to still see what you post. If they know any of your friends, they might ask them for voluntary information. Finally, depending on the state you are in, the rules of discovery might require you to provide copies of your social media records to the defending party – even if the account is set to private.

Final Tips

If you’ve filed a personal injury claim, consider these tips as well:

  • If you must use social media, limit it to liking other posts and sharing articles.
  • Search for your own name to see what other people might be saying.
  • Ask anyone connected to you to not mention the case.
  • Realistically, you should lay low on social media.

If you have been hurt and you believe you may have a personal injury claim, call The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today. There is no reason to wait to start the process of pursuing your personal injury claim. Contact us today at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt to speak with a personal injury lawyer Wytheville VA offers with no charge for your first consultation.

Injuries to Tourists

Every year, Virginia draws in a large number of tourists. Some come for the shopping, others for the unique attractions or renowned places to eat. There are endless options and possibilities making it an ideal place to visit at all times of the year.

Whether you’re from out of town, outside the state, or a different country, all visitors may face the same, or similar, dangers as other local residents. As a tourist, you are not omitted from coming into contact with another person’s poor judgement. Consequently, you may be involved in any of the following:

  • Rideshare accident
  • Taxi accident
  • Car accident
  • Truck accident
  • Public transport accident
  • Limo accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Hotel assault
  • Street assault
  • Food poisoning
  • Amusement park accident
  • Slip and fall
  • + More

As a personal injury lawyer in Wytheville, Virginia can explain, if you are injured, you also have the same rights to pursue for damages as a local resident.

Common Accidents that Are More Unique to Tourists

Personal injury law is broad and covers many different types of injuries, illnesses, and accidents. Tourists, however, can be put into certain circumstances related to their travels. Although some of the following situations are not common, they do happen. A Wytheville VA personal injury lawyer can refer to any one of these laws to provide you with further advice. If your accident is related to any of these, please call a personal injury lawyer for more information.

Accommodation Negligence: Sexual assault, swimming pool accidents, elevator accidents, slip and falls, food poisoning, etc.

Museum Accidents: May involve government entities; thus, very specific legislation must be followed.

Shuttle Accidents: Shuttles involving the airport, hotels, or public transportation.

Airport Accidents: Including turbulence, jetway falls, slip and falls, infection, etc.

Shopping Center Accidents: Including slip and falls, trip and falls, assault, food poisoning, elevator or escalator accidents, etc.

Be Wary of Insurance Companies

If an insurance company learns about you being far away from the scene of an accident or injury, you may be vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Insurance companies know that you might not be able to return to the area, and as a result, you may be offered a very low settlement. This could happen with cases that involve substantial injuries. By having a personal injury lawyer in Wytheville VA on your side, you can ensure the necessary steps will be taken to protect your rights and interests.

Returning to Virginia

Every case is different, but many of our personal injury cases are resolved through direct negotiations with the insurance company. If this is true for your case, there is a low chance that you will need to return to Virginia.

If your case evolves into a lawsuit, because a settlement cannot be reached, you may be asked to come back to Virginia during certain points of litigation, such as a deposition or trial. A Wytheville VA personal injury lawyer understands the frustration which could come about from a situation like this and may help to schedule times and dates that are most convenient for you. Rest assured, your travel costs will be considered and likely included in your claim.

The Location of the Lawyer

If you don’t live in Virginia, it may be a good idea to retain a personal injury lawyer in the area. You can do so even if you’re unable to make it to the office. Phone, email, text, and video conferencing allows lawyers to effectively communicate with clients, regardless of where they are.

If you were an injured tourist in Virginia, you should have a personal injury lawyer Wytheville residents trust on your side. Let us help you out, call The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt.


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