Our Kingsport car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt understands that after you have been involved in a car accident, you are likely more focused on getting away from what happened and trying to recover. You may not be sure what to do when you are at the scene of the accident, but there are certain things you should avoid in order to make the most out of your car accident claim. We know that this can be a difficult process to go through on your own and we are here to help you however we can. Want to learn more about what you should not do after a car accident? Read more. 

  • Don’t Take the Blame. It may be completely unintentional. You might not even necessarily think you are to blame, but the minute you “I’m sorry” an insurance company will cling to that. If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, they may also report that they heard you apologizing and assume it is your fault. 
  • Don’t Blame Others. Likewise, do not point the finger at the other driver when you are at the scene of the accident. You can do this when you are meeting with your attorney. Getting angry at the other driver can be viewed as a form of road rage or it can even lead to road rage and your Kingsport, Tennessee car accident lawyer advises you to wait to point fingers until you both meet. 
  • Don’t Avoid 9-1-1. Sure, if you’re in a minor fender bender and no one seems hurt, calling the police probably isn’t necessary. But if there is significant property damage, someone is bleeding, unconscious, or otherwise seriously injured, talking with the police is your best bet. 
  • Don’t Rely on the Police Report. The police report is a fantastic piece of evidence. It is not the only piece of evidence you need, however. In fact, police officers do not always get all of the facts and may have incorrect information in the police report or may come to the wrong conclusion. Always assume you need more evidence. 
  • Don’t Avoid Your Insurance Company. While we do not encourage you to speak with the other driver’s insurance company, you should report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible so that they can begin working on your claim. 

If you would like to learn what else you can do after a car accident, call a trusted car accident lawyer in Kingsport, Tennessee from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today.