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Abingdon Dog Bite LawyerDog bite injuries can result in significant scarring and damage that can last a lifetime, as an Abingdon Dog Bite Lawyer knows well. When vicious dogs bite, often they will attack the face or neck of innocent victims.

Statistics show that dog bite victims are more likely to attack the elderly, infants, toddlers, or young children, who are less likely than able-bodied adults to be able to protect themselves.

For those who are young, facial scarring can be devastating. It can change the social interaction between the victim and others, and can have a long-lasting psychological impact. Those injured in this particularly hideous fashion need, and deserve, full compensation, not only for the pain and suffering endured at the time of the injury, but also for the pain that may last a lifetime.

Dog Bites Are Often Foreseeable

One troubling aspect of dog bites is that often they are entirely foreseeable. It is usually the case that dangerous dogs in the neighborhood can be seen barking viciously at neighbors behind fences or closed doors, straining to get free. In these cases, most people familiar with such dogs know full well that if the dog is able to get free, the dog will likely attack the closest person, and that the attack will continue until the dog is physically restrained by the victim or someone else.

Dog attacks, of course, are not the dog’s fault. Usually, the owners permit the dogs to continue vicious displays of aggression, and may in fact even encourage displays of aggression. These owners deserve to be held fully accountable when their dogs attack.

A Few Breeds of Dogs are Responsible for Virtually all Deaths

While it is possible that any type of dog may prove vicious, the fact is that according to a leading source on dog bites, In the past 10 years, pit bulls killed 254 people in the U.S., and Rottweilers killed 43 people.[3]

While not all dogs in these breeds will be vicious, owners of these particular breeds may need to take additional care in making sure that their dog does not injure someone else.

Why Hire The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurst as Your Dog Bite Lawyer

Many victims of dog bites think they have no recourse against the owner and their insurance company. However, this is not true in all cases. Dog bites are a serious problem and can have devastating effects on your life. If you were bitten by a dog, you may be wondering what to do next. 

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you know how terrifying it can be. You’re worried about your health and that of your loved ones. And if you were injured while walking or jogging on public property, or working as an employee at a dog daycare facility—or even if you weren’t hurt but your pet was—you might have legal rights to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages under state law or local ordinance. But not everyone has access to good legal advice when they need it most; many victims don’t seek help because they don’t know who to call or where to look for help with their particular situation. 

After being bitten by a dog, the first step in regaining control of your situation is to hire an attorney. A good Abingdon dog bite lawyer will understand how to help you get compensation for any injuries that result from the bite. You need someone who has experience with this kind of case because it isn’t like other personal injury cases or family law matters.

The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurst has over 25 years of experience helping victims recover from their injuries caused by dog bites or attacks. Our attorneys are compassionate and dedicated to protecting your rights after an injury due to a dog bite or attack. They will fight aggressively on your behalf so that you receive full compensation for all of your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish and more.

Hiring an experienced Abingdon dog bite lawyer like Mark Hurst will help ensure that you get fair compensation in court so that these costs don’t fall on your shoulders. In addition to helping with the financial aspects of the case. He’ll also make sure any evidence necessary is collected quickly so that there aren’t any delays in getting justice for what happened to you.

Our Abingdon dog bite lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurst will treat you with respect, dignity, and fight aggressively to recover damages for medical expenses and lost wages caused by a dog bite. We can help you recover not just for your medical costs but also for your reduced quality of life and the pain and suffering that accompanies a serious dog bite.

Contingency fees are charged by our Abingdon dog bite lawyers. You won’t pay anything unless we successfully resolve your case. We also offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate busy schedules.

Don’t wait. Call the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurst today to speak with an Abingdon Dog Bite Lawyer. When you call, we’ll provide a free case evaluation and consultation so that you know exactly what to expect from your legal representation as you seek compensation for your injuries.

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