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Car Accident Lawyer Hillsville VADistracted driving has become one of the top causes of car accidents, even surpassing drunk driving accidents each year. When a driver isn’t focused on the road in front of them but is instead looking at their phone or other item, everyone who is sharing the road with them is at risk, including other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Each year, more than 3,500 victims are killed in distracted driving crashes. The majority of distracted driving incidents involve cell phone usage, however, there are other factors that also play a significant role in these types of accidents.

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Types of Driving Distractions

There are three different types of driving distractions: cognitive, manual, and visual.

Cognitive distractions involve any factors that interrupt the mental focus a driver should have while they are driving. Even though they may be looking at the road while driving, their mind is not really focused on what is actually in front of them. If you have ever been driving and suddenly realize you are a lot closer to your destination but don’t really recall driving, you were most likely experiencing cognitive distractions. Some examples of cognitive distractions include:

  •       Having a conversation with another occupant in the vehicle
  •       Intently listening to music playing in the car
  •       Talking on a cell phone
  •       Thinking about an exciting event you are looking forward to
  •       Thinking about personal problems you may be going through, such as issues at work or issues with a relationship

Manual distractions involve any activity that requires the driver to take one or both hands off the wheel as they are driving. Many drivers don’t realize, but even a simple task such as changing the station on the radio or adjusting the heat in their car can cause a driving distraction. Some examples of manual distractions include:

  •       Adjusting mirrors
  •       Adjusting seat
  •       Changing radio stations or CD player
  •       Drinking
  •       Eating
  •       Smoking

Visual distractions are those activities which cause a driver to take their eyes off of the road in front of them and focus their sight on something else. Some examples of visual distractions include:

  •       Checking a cell phone
  •       Checking children who are in the back seat of the vehicle
  •       Looking at something on the side of the road or in another vehicle
  •       Looking for an item on the car floor, glove box, briefcase, purse, etc.
  •       Setting, adjusting, or checking a GPS

Cell Phones

When you think about cell phone use, you can see that all three types of distractions can be involved. This is why using a cell phone while driving puts people at high risk of being involved in a distracted driving accident. The best way to stay safe is to set your phone on do not disturb mode and put in a place where you can’t see it while you are driving.

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