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Truck Accident Lawyer Abingdon Virginia Explains The Best Steps To Take After a Truck Accident

Driving on the road is one of the most dangerous things you can do every day. An accident can come in the form of a car hitting a pedestrian, a motorcycle losing traction on the road and crashing, or a truck driver negligently hitting another car on the road. While all of these situations are dangerous and can cause life-threatening injuries, being involved in a truck accident can be one of the most deadly. Therefore, the next steps you take after a truck accident can be vital for saving you or your passengers’ lives, getting the medical attention you need, and filing your claim to ensure you receive the proper compensation for your personal injuries. The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt explain the steps you need to take after a truck accident.

  1. Stay At the Scene Of the Crash. All of those involved in the accident should stay at the crash scene unless you need to go to a hospital immediately. Even if you were not the one who caused the accident with the truck, some states legally require you to stay at the scene. However, you should move your car out of the way of traffic (if possible) to avoid further damage and injuries.
  2. Call 9-1-1.  This serves two purposes. First, you never know what kind of physical injuries or even fatalities this truck accident caused. You should notify emergency vehicle responders as soon as possible to assess victims for injuries. Second, when you call 9-1-1, it will also dispatch local police to the scene. This can be valuable when gathering evidence and writing a police report to document what happened. That report will later be collected by your truck accident lawyer Abingdon, VA.
  3. Exchange Information With Any Other Drivers. When a truck accident occurs, you may be dealing with more than one car involvement. Always get information from the trucker driver and get the information of anyone else involved in the accident. Information to gather is:
    • Name
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Phone Number
    • Insurance Name, and
    • Policy Number
  4. Do Not Make a Statement. You may be tempted to make a statement, especially if you were not seriously injured or if you believe you were partially at fault for the accident. Always consult with a truck accident lawyer in Abingdon, VA before making a statement to the police officers, witnesses, other drivers, or insurance agents. Anything that reflects negatively on you can be used against you when making your insurance claim.
  5. Get the Medical Help You Need. One of the most important things you can do after an accident with a truck is getting the right medical attention. Shock and adrenaline can often mask serious injuries, and a doctor can examine you from the inside out and determine the best course of treatment for you.
  6. File Your Personal Injury Claim. When you speak with your Abingdon, VA truck accident lawyer, they can help walk you through the best steps for how to file a personal injury claim and who to file it against.

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