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Injury Law Firm Bristol, TNThe Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt  has been one of the leading law injury law firms in Bristol, TN for over 25 years. Lawyer Mark Hurt graduated from Duke University in 1981, and in the top 10 percent of his class. Mr. Hurt is knowledgeable, experienced, and very dedicated to helping clients recover damages after an accident. If you were injured in a car accident, or any other accident, and you believe negligence was the cause, please call our Bristol, TN injury law firm now.

Injuries that May Be Included in a Case

Mark Hurt has represented thousands of victims and family members who were injured in an accident. Some injuries are minor and require rest and a few weeks of recovery. Others may involve surgery and ongoing care. Sadly, some people will never recover. Our injury law firm in Bristol. TN has handled a large number of injury cases, including:

Head Injuries – As a Bristol,Tennessee injury law firm, many of our cases have involved some kind of head injury. These include concussions, brain injuries, open head wounds, and more. In general, head injuries tend to be very serious, if not life threatening. Surgery and rehabilitation may be necessary. If your head was hit or jerked in any way during the accident, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Chest Injuries – If the chest area collides with the steering wheel or hits an object, the ribs could break, the lungs could collapse, and in serious cases, organs may be punctured or severely bruised. Internal bleeding is also possible.

Abrasions – Sometimes, especially with car accidents, objects inside the interior will be thrown around. Phones, books, and other items can hit the body with significant force. Even though they may be small, and light, when they are thrown with such force, they can cause cuts, deep lacerations, bruises, and excessive bleeding. Scarring may also be a possibility.

Whiplash – Most people who are in a car accident will suffer whiplash. This happens when the neck is jolted front and/or back at the time of impact. Stiffness, swelling, headaches, and other discomfort can occur.

Other Bodily Injuries – As an injury law firm Bristol, TN has to offer, we know that many cases involve other bodily harm, such as broken bones, internal bleeding, loss of vision, loss of a limb, burns, and more.

It is always recommended that medical attention is sought whenever you have been injured. Even if you think you are okay, you may have a silent injury. If this is true, you could face serious consequences for not getting medical treatment. Furthermore, the defending side could argue that you failed to take your injuries seriously; thus, should not recover maximum damages. A personal injury attorney Bristol, TN families trust can be contacted immediately after medical treatment is received or underway.

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If you have been injured, and negligence may have been the cause, you may feel overwhelmed, upset, and confused. This is understandable, especially when you are also trying to figure out how to pay for your medical expenses. Legal support may help you to cope with the confusion and overall situation.

If you would like to know what our injury law firm in Bristol, TN thinks about your possible case, call the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt

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We hired Mr. Hurt to help settle a worker’s comp injury case for my husband. Mark, Bart, and Mary worked tirelessly to resolve his case and reach a settlement we were pleased with. They were always available to answer questions and returned calls in a timely manner.
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