In many car crashes, they are other people or entities liable in addition to the other driver. My role as a car crash lawyer is to carefully investigate accidents to determine all those who may bear legal liability so that compensation may be sought against each person or entity for their share of the damages sustained.

Examples of others who potentially may be liable for a car crash include:

  • Other drivers. In a chain crash collision, such as a collision of cars at a stoplight, the car causing your damages may not be the principal cause of your injuries if they in turn were doing nothing wrong and instead were rear-ended by another driver. Similarly, a car that drove into your lane in an effort to avoid a wrong way driver may also not be the principal cause of your injuries and damages.
  • Cities, Towns, and Other Government Municipalities. Governmental agencies have a number of responsibilities concerning roadways. For example, they must ensure that:
    • traffic signals and other traffic control devices are working properly and are not obstructed,
    • roadways are in good condition, and
    • roadways are not defectively designed to create an unreasonable risk of accidents.

When governmental municipalities fail to keep roadways safe or are otherwise negligent, they can be held liable in an accident results.

  • Construction Companies. Construction companies performing roadway work must perform such work in a manner designed to keep drivers safe.  Typically, construction companies use safety cones, barrels, lights, traffic control signage, and other equipment and devices to make sure that traffic and drivers are safe when going through construction zones. In particular, it is critical that adequate lighting be used at night when roadway diversions are necessary. If the construction company fails to make a construction zone safe, the construction company may also be liable for injuries and damages that happen in a construction zone crash.
  • The Owners of Bars and Restaurants That Overserve Patrons (under “Dram Shop” laws). Bars and restaurants serving alcohol have a duty not to continue to serve patrons who become intoxicated, particularly if it is apparent that the patron is not with a sober driver. Nevertheless, many irresponsible bars and restaurants continue to serve alcohol to drunk patrons in order to make more money, without regard to the potential consequence of the person driving drunk. When establishments overserve intoxicated patrons, they may be held partially liable for the vehicle crashes and damages that occur under what is known as “dram shop” liability.

Undertaking a Complete Investigation of Your Accident

If you have been injured in a vehicle crash, or if a loved one has been killed, I and my firm will undertake a complete investigation of your crash in order to identify all parties believed to be legally liable. Then,I will initiate legal action against all of such parties and demand, on your behalf, full and fair compensation for all injuries and damages sustained.

Find out more how I and my firm can help. With more than 30 years of legal experience, I offer a free, no obligation consultation, and there are no fees unless you recover. Please call today to get started.

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