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If you or a family member has been injured in Tennessee, or if a loved one has been killed, as a result of the negligence or wrongful acts of someone else, it’s important to retain an experienced, tenacious lawyer who will work vigorously in seeking every penny to which you or your family may be entitled.

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we are such a firm. Our principal attorney and Founder, Mark Hurt, graduated with honors from Duke Law School, and has been helping injured clients and the families who have lost a loved one obtain full and fair compensation for more than 25 years. Over this time period, he has helped families recover millions of dollars in compensation for clients in Virginia and Tennessee.

The Treatment that You and Your Family Deserve

Our firm does not provide “assembly-line” personal injury services. You and your matter will not be referred to another law firm, or “handed off” to a junior lawyer.

If you retain our firm, you’ll be working directly with Mark Hurt. In addition to injury representation, we also assist with related case matters, including working with insurance companies and those providing medical treatment (such as hospitals and physicians) with respect to gathering records and keeping providers informed that we are pursuing litigation.

It is especially important for a firm to work with insurance companies that may be paying medical and other costs, as such companies will usually have a lien on amounts recovered in a lawsuit. In other words, they will be entitled to recover the costs that they have paid from the costs paid by a defendant (such as the person causing a car accident). We will typically work with insurance companies and other providers to try to negotiate a reduction in the amount of their liens; any reduction that can be negotiated will usually result in an injury victim receiving a higher percentage of the settlement or jury award.

No Fee Unless Compensation is Recovered; Litigation Costs Advanced

We provide full-service injury representation. This means that we work on a contingency fee basis (we are only paid a fee if compensation is recovered, and such amount is based upon a percentage of that compensation). We also advance the costs required to litigate a lawsuit, such as the costs for experts, court filings, and depositions, so our clients do not need to be concerned about how such costs will be paid while their case is being litigated. These costs are then typically deducted from the settlement proceeds or a trial verdict.

The Types of Cases We Handle

We handle virtually all types of injury and wrongful death cases, including matters involving:

Why It’s Important to Retain an Experience Injury Attorney Quickly

In many types of cases, such as car, truck, pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents and crashes, it will be important to investigate an accident scene before the conditions change. Often, when a crash occurs, accident responders or others will be taking action to clean up a scene, such as fixing guard rails and posts that may have been hit. Rain and other weather conditions can also serve to wash away skid marks. Insurance companies will often have totaled vehicles destroyed, along with the event recorders (or “black boxes”) in the vehicles, which often can provide important information about a crash.

We will often work with accident investigation experts to examine crash scenes, and to prepare virtual or testimonial evidence regarding how a crash occurred.

In addition to accident investigation matters, it is also important to retain a law firm quickly as there are time limitations regarding when a personal injury suit may be filed. Tennessee has one of the shortest statute of limitations in the country, as personal injury and malpractice cases must be filed within one year of the incident (such as when a crash occurred, or when a medical malpractice matter may have been discovered); otherwise, a person will lose the right to sue. In addition to the general time limitations, there may be even shorter limitations if a governmental entity is involved. As a result, it is important to contact an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Serving Johnson City and the Surrounding Communities

Located in Washington, Carter, and Sullivan counties, Johnson City has been cited in Forbes magazine as a “Best Small Place for Business and Careers” (#65), and in Kiplinger’s magazine as fifth in the “Least-Expensive Cities for Living in the U.S.A”.

With a population of approximately 63,000, Johnson City traces its roots back to 1769, when William Bean (the first settler in Tennessee) built a cabin just outside of town. The city itself was formerly founded by its namesake Henry Johnson in 1856 to serve as a railroad depot, and the town was incorporated in 1869. Since then, Johnson City has enjoyed a rich and successful history.

We are proud to serve not only the residents of Johnson City in injury matters, but also those residents in the surrounding towns and communities. To find out more about how we can help you in an injury or wrongful death matter, we invite you to call us for a free consultation.

How Insurance Companies Decide on a Settlement Offer

If you suffered a personal injury at the hands of another person or organization, you may have sat down to try to calculate your damages. Most people tally up the medical costs and property damage and assume that is the number that the company or person should pay them. Then, 

when you contact an insurance company, you discover that it is a completely different number. This is why many people decide to retain the services of a Johnson City personal injury lawyer

Insurance Companies Use a Formula

Insurance adjusters will add up the medical expenses to come up with the medical damages number. This will provide a baseline for how much the injured individual deserves. Then, the adjuster generally multiplies this number by one and a half or three. This number is determined by how minor or severe the injuries are and how much it affects a person’s life. Then, once they calculate this number, they will add the income that the client lost. Now, this is just the average formula. Insurance companies are not going to tell you what formulas they use.

The damages formula is supposed to be a starting point when it comes to reaching a settlement. Other details may increase what you deserve or decrease it in the eyes of the insurance company. While you should have a general idea of the expenses that you’ve had to pay due to the injury, don’t rely on that being the final number. A personal injury lawyer in Johnson City can calculate all of your losses and determine their financial worth. 

Insurance Companies May Cheat You

One of the major reasons that you want to have a Johnson City personal injury lawyer at your side during the negotiations process is that insurance companies have a tendency to offer lower settlements than you deserve. Keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses. They have to be able to make money. If they can offer a low-ball settlement and have it accepted, then this is better for the company.

Unfortunately, they sometimes get away with low-balling clients. If you do not have experience in personal injury law, you may not realize how much you are entitled to or what other people with similar injuries and cases received from the insurance company. Truth be told, even personal injury lawyers retain the help of personal injury lawyers when they have been injured in an accident.

When you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Sometimes, an insurance company’s offer might seem too low or may make little sense to someone who does not understand personal injury claims. To consult with a Johnson City personal injury lawyer about your settlement and the compensation that you are owed, call The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today.