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Speeding Ticket Lawyer Hillsville, VATraffic tickets are more expensive than just a simple fine. If you get slapped with a speeding ticket, your insurance rates take a big hit – and they may stay high for the next few years. Not to mention the fact that speeding tickets are always more expensive than you’d expect. Several hundred dollars for speeding could have been several hundred dollars for rent, bills, or even something that you were planning on getting as a treat for yourself.

In light of this financial burden, it’s more important than ever to fight back against your ticket. And of course, getting in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in Hillsville, VA can make your fight a little bit easier. Read on to learn more about some effective strategies you can use to fight your ticket, and see how the The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can help.

Am I Allowed to Fight My Ticket?

Short answer: Of course! Many people feel too intimidated to fight their speeding tickets, but it’s important to remember that you can stand up for yourself – and you should, given the money that’s on the line. Think about the amount of money you’ll have to pay (and the mark on your driving record) versus how much money you can save by fighting the charges. It takes a bit of effort and know-how, but it’s worth it.One of the things that people tend to forget about ticket situations, is that they are not always black and white, and an individual may receive a harsher penalty for a ticket, based on the cop that hands them the ticket, since some cops tends to be harsher, when it comes to the kind of punishment that they decided to fine people with, when it comes to tickets.  

For example; when it comes to tickets, there are some cops who may issue a small warning ticket, for someone who is driving 10 miles above the speed limit.  However, there are other cops that would be much harsher, such as ensuring that even if the ticket was the person’s first offense, they need to go to court.  Everyone has a right to fight in court, but they also have the right to remain silent and be careful what they say as well.  The reason is because anything that is said can and will be used in a court of law.  In short, speeding ticket issues are not always black and white.  Moreover, sometimes speeding ticket offenses that are issues, such as in relation to fines and court cases can also end up being harsher, due to issues as racial bias.  This can also be fought in court as well.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

It’s possible to fight your ticket by yourself. But it’s always a smart practice to get in touch with a lawyer who can help you out. The right lawyer can provide you with important information about what strategies might work, and what strategies will be costly mistakes. Your lawyer can also help you analyze your case to see whether or not your traffic stop was legitimate in the first place. One of the reasons why one would need a lawyer and why a lawyer would be important, is because they can aid in breaking down the case, through a case by case basis.  Examples would pertain to asking questions, focusing on why someone feels like they got a harsher speeding ticket fine than necessary, what the offense was that led to the ticket, whether the ticker fine can be covered, and more.  These are some factors to take into consideration. 

What Strategies Don’t Work?

Any good lawyer will advise against using emotional appeals. Court isn’t grade school: You can’t pull the old “my dog was sick” routine and expect it to get you out of your ticket. Everyone has bad days, and your bad day doesn’t give you any leeway in front of a judge. It’s also a bad idea to throw around excuses about why you were speeding, since this strategy involves admitting you broke the law. This is why when it comes to the law and how people want to fight for their rights, people need to be careful what they say.  This is why when someone is in a legal situation, they are told that what they say can and will be used against them in a court of law.  This is why although it is okay to feel emotions over a situation and how one ended up being mistreated, people need to collect evidence, so that they end up having a valid case in a court of law.  Otherwise, someone will not be able to fight the speeding ticket successfully. 

What Strategies Do Work?

When you work with a speeding ticket lawyer, he or she will help you go over the details of your case to determine whether or not the events happened according to the account presented by law enforcement. Every ticket involves a combination of elements that boil down to a broken law, and when you and your lawyer can disprove the presence of one of those elements, you have a chance of getting out of your ticket.

What do I need to know about tickets?

Regardless of the ticket you received, it will help to understand how the offense is defined by law. In general, the police officer who gave you the ticket will write the name of the offense and the number associated with the code section. All you have to do from there is a search on the internet to see what the text of the law states. After assessing the law and circumstances of the ticketing, your VA speeding ticket lawyer in Hillsville can create a defense in hopes of getting the ticket dropped or at least reduced in court.

Can I challenge the officer in court?

Challenging the officer’s perspective in giving you a ticket can be useful. This strategy may be used in situations where the officer made a subjective judgement call as to whether you had broken the rules of the road. If the state cannot prove that you committed the offense beyond reasonable doubt, then you may be found not guilty and the ticket is dropped. Examples of evidence to help convince the judge your version of events is true include:

  • Diagram showing where the officer was located and movement of your vehicle
  • Statements from witnesses who support your side of the story, such as bystanders and passengers.
  • Photographs of road conditions that day, stop signs, street lights, intersections, roadwork, etc. 
  • Street camera footage of your vehicle that shows you did not commit the traffic violation. 

What if the officer doesn’t show up?

An officer may or may not attend the court hearing. Whether the officer shows up will depend on what comes their way that day and if higher priority matters arise. But don’t rely on the chance that the officer won’t come, because if they do, then you won’t be prepared to argue your side. Have your lawyer run through with you the defense strategy and how the hearing is going to proceed so you know what to expect. 

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Getting a traffic ticket is more than enough to ruin someone’s day, and pocketbook. Instead of paying a ticket right away, consider alternatives. A traffic ticket lawyer can be a helpful person in getting the ticket dropped or lessened. For assistance, contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Hillsville, Virginia from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today for a consultation.

At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we know that a speeding ticket is a stressful and expensive process. Fortunately, we know how to help you beat your ticket and keep your hard-earned cash. If you’re stuck with an expensive speeding ticket, don’t be afraid to fight back, and don’t be afraid to get in touch with a lawyer who can help. What the office would aid in doing, is ask questions pertaining the case in depth, in relation to why someone ended up getting a traffic ticket and why they feel it is unfair.  Sometimes, there are cases where people attempt to fight for their tickets, but the law comes to find out that the ticket was deserved, because the person had multiple instances of getting tickets in the past due to various reasons such as speeding, road rage, and more.  This is why when it comes to tickets and the assessments of whether they are fair or not, there needs to be a strong assessment with evidence, in  court of law. 

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