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Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers Compensation Lawyer Abingdon VA

Workers compensation benefits are helpful for workers who have either suffered injuries because of a work accident or came down with an illness as a result of the job. In the midst of paperwork and doctor’s appointments, an employee may have an abundance of questions about the process. Here in this article, we have answered frequently asked questions about workers compensation benefits. For more detailed answers for your situation, contact a workers compensation lawyer in Abingdon VA.

How will an employee know if their injury is covered by workers compensation?

Workers Compensation Lawyer Abingdon VATrying to decide whether a work injury or illness is going to be covered by workers compensation benefits can be confusing. There are many factors that will be considered in whether a claim is denied or approved, and for how much. Overall, the main elements to eligibility are listed as follows:

  1. The person is an actual employee of the company or organization
  2. The injury happened as a result of work environment or while performing a job task
  3. The employee was attending a work-related event when the injury occurred
  4. The employee was not on the work site when the injury happened, but was performing a job duty (ex: a traveling salesman, staff member running an errand)

What may cause a workers compensation claim to be denied?

A workers compensation benefits program is designed to cover the expenses associated with an employee’s injury or illness due to the employment. This program was created intending to cover costs regardless of who was at-fault for the accident. However, there are a couple factors that can lead to a claim being denied. For example, a claim is at risk for rejection if the employee self-inflicted the injury or was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Does an employee have to be examined by the assigned-company doctor?

Depending on the state, an employee may be required to be examined by a work assigned physician. The worker then may be able to request a second opinion with their primary doctor. The reason an employee may want to do this is that their primary doctor has more knowledge about health history and a foundation of trust may have been built as well. The work-assigned doctor may be pressured to save your employer money through minimizing your condition or shortening the duration of treatment.

What should an employee do if their employer has retaliated?

If an employee feels they are being mistreated as a result of filing for workers compensation benefits, it is recommended a workers compensation lawyer in Abingdon VA be consulted immediately. There are many ways an employer may be acting unlawfully when handling a worker’s claim. Below are examples of unfair treatment in the workplace to watch out for:

  • The employee was terminated due to filing a workers compensation claim
  • The employee did not receive the maximum amount of benefits deserved
  • The employee is experiencing a newly hostile working environment
  • The employer neglects to file the workers compensation claim on-time
  • The employer attempts to discourage the employee from reporting an incident

For more information and assistance, contact a workers compensation lawyer Abingdon VA employees recommend today from the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt.

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