With a population of approximately 2,000, Pennington Gap has the highest population of any town located in Lee County, Virginia. The town is divided by US Interstate 421, which runs mostly in a north-to-south direction, and which is intersected by US highway 58 (also known as Morgan Avenue), which runs in a southwest to northeast direction. Interstate 421 and US Highway 58 join at Doris Avenue, and then continue for approximately a quarter mile as the same road, before breaking off and continuing on their original directions.

As these two highways enter Pennington Gap, they serve as a speed trap for drivers who do not decrease their speed in time to comport to the lower in-town speed limits. Similarly, drivers entering the town on Highway 40 (also known as Skaggs Hill Road), must also decrease their speed to the lower in-town speed limits. Because many drivers may not adjust their speed in time, tickets are frequently issued in these locations.

Speeding Can Also Mean Reckless Driving

In Virginia, driving in excess of 20 mph over the speed limit is considered reckless driving. So is driving 86 mph or faster, even if the underlying speed limit is more than 66 mph. As a result, when drivers enter the Pennington Gap town limits and inadvertently do not decrease their speed in time, their speeding ticket may actually be a ticket for reckless driving.

As one would suspect, a reckless driving charge is more serious than a speeding ticket, with possible penalties including increased fines and possible incarceration (in addition to points on a driving record and potentially higher insurance rates). Speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets both should be taken seriously and not ignored – including by out-of-state drivers.

Fighting on Your Behalf to Get You the Best Outcome Possible

As Pennington Gap traffic ticket lawyers, we will fight to get you the best outcome possible for your ticket based upon the facts of your case. In most cases, we can even appear on your behalf in court, so you will not need to miss time from work or to return to Lee County for your court hearing.

While no lawyer can ever guaranty a positive outcome, we have a long history of securing successful outcomes for clients, including the dismissal of all charges, a dismissal of charges dependent upon traffic school attendance or other similar conditions, and not guilty verdicts at trial. When we learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, we can advise how we can help you.

Affordable Fixed Fees and Credit Card Acceptance

We make it easy to get an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights. We offer representation on an affordable fixed-fee basis, and we accept credit card payments for fees. You will not need to worry about being charged by the hour for our services, even if your case goes to trial.

Our Experience

Firm founder Mark Hurt will be directly representing you in your case. Mark graduated in the top 10% of his law school class at Duke University. Over the course of practicing law for nearly 30 years, Mark has represented clients in state courts and in federal court throughout Virginia, as well as before the United States Supreme Court.

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