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Car Accident Lawyer in Wytheville, VA

Car Accident Lawyer in Wytheville, VAA car accident lawyer in Wytheville, VA from The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt is aware that more and more passengers are choosing services like Uber to meet their transportation needs. Unfortunately, accidents can happen to even the most careful drivers. If you find yourself injured in an Uber accident, here are four things you should do following the incident:

#1 Determine If Someone Should Call 911

The first thing you should do in an accident is to assess the situation and determine if anyone has been seriously injured, yourself included. Although it’s easier said than done, it’s important to remain calm and clear-headed enough to determine if anyone needs immediate medical attention. Keep in mind that even if you have no apparent injuries, a trip to the E.R. will still be important to investigate for internal or delayed-onset injuries.

A VA car accident lawyer in Wytheville from The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt always suggests staying at the scene of the accident. If you are injured and unable to make a phone call, ask a bystander to call 911 for you while you wait for the police.

#2 Call the Police

Either you, the driver, or a bystander offering you help should call the police right away to report the accident. The road may need to be cleared from the wreckage as well to prevent further accidents or damage. When talking to the police, be sure to give facts and not opinions. This is another reason why it’s important to stay as calm as you can following the aftermath of the incident. The clearer you can communicate the accident to the police, the better.

After the officer arrives, they should take a report of the incident, which you can then obtain a copy at your local law enforcement office and give to your Wytheville car accident lawyer in the days to follow.

#3 Record the Incident

While many people may not think about this when they’ve just been in an accident, you will likely need to seek compensation for your injuries. The emotional stress, physical injuries, and medical care costs can end up being quite expensive when you’ve been injured in an accident. This can be even worse if you only realize later that you have been injured and you have no pictures of the crash scene.

Having evidence of the situation goes a long way in a case where your car accident lawyer in Wytheville, Virginia is fighting for injury compensation. If you are able to, take photos at the scene of the accident and talk to nearby witnesses to obtain their contact information.

#4 Contact an Attorney

Unfortunately, the insurance legalities concerning Uber accidents can be tough to navigate. While Uber does carry liability insurance, the driver’s personal auto insurance will be the primary insurance considered. However, most personal auto insurance companies refuse to pay claims for commercial activities, such as driving for Uber. If you need to seek redress for harm caused by the accident, it’s imperative that you talk to a Virginia car accident lawyer in Wytheville from The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt today.

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