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When faced with criminal driving charges, it’s important to consider working with a reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VA motorists trust. Reckless driving is a common but serious offense. In Virginia, if you are ticketed for going over 85 mph on the Interstate, you have been ticketed for reckless driving!  While a mere speeding conviction is a traffic offense, reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor.

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A reckless driving conviction in Virginia results creates a permanent criminal record. An Abingdon reckless driving lawyer such as myself may be able to help you out of this potential nightmare.

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What are the Possible Penalties in Virginia for Reckless Driving?

reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VAPossible penalties for reckless driving under Virginia law include a hefty fine, six-month license suspension and up to a 12 months in jail.  And yes, some drivers are sentenced to jail time.  At a minimum, a reckless driving conviction adds six demerit points on your driving record, and is likely to raise your insurance premiums. Just about every reckless driving lawyer in Abingdon VA probably has heard of worst case scenarios coming true for those motorists who chose to represent themselves in court and as a result, did not have a happy ending to their story.

An out-of-state driver who decides to ignore a reckless driving ticket and fails to appear for the hearing could be in for a nasty surprise. A bench warrant might be issued for the driver’s arrest. This arrest warrant will stay in the system for years and will show up whenever any police officer in any state subjects the driver to a traffic stop and runs his license.

The good news – Even judges realize that Virginia’s reckless driving law is too harsh. That said, it may require the legal knowledge of a reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VA respects to protect their rights.

How I Help

I regularly represent drivers charged with reckless driving, often those who have been issued citations while driving along the Interstate 81 corridor from Wytheville, VA to Bristol, VA.  My practice includes representing clients in the traffic courts of Wythe County, Smyth County, Washington County, and the City of Bristol, Virginia, as well as in the courts in other counties in southwest Virginia, (including Russell County and Scott County).

In the last 25 years, I have had the opportunity to be the reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VA fellow community members have entrusted with their criminal cases. I intentionally manage my caseload so that I can focus 100% on each of my clients and provide them with the highest levels of legal services.

As an experienced reckless driving attorney, my first focus can be on getting all charges dismissed.  There are a number of grounds in which charges may be dismissed, including technical defects associated with the ticket issuance.

If dismissal is not possible, I can seek to have the charges reduced or dismissed on condition that the driver attend a one-day driving school and/or perform community service. In some circumstances, trial may also be an alternative. When a trial is unavoidable, I do not walk away from my client. I have a very successful track record in court.

From the moment I accept a case I prepare a strong defense in the event that we must go to trial. As a result, there is no last minute, hurried defensive strategy that is not well thought out. It is always my intent to be the reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VA drivers are confident to have on their side. Protecting my clients’ rights is always my first priority and a responsibility I take very seriously.

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If you retain me, in most cases everything can be handled by phone and email and I can go to the hearing on your behalf, relieving you of the need to go. The legal fee can be paid by credit card.

Don’t face a reckless driving charge alone. Contact a reckless driving lawyer Abingdon VA locals choose from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt by calling 276-623-0808.

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“Words can’t begin to explain how appreciative I am for the services that the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt provided. I live out of state, so I was concerned about being present for a ticket I got for reckless driving. But, after speaking with Brooke about it, I felt relieved and confident that it would be taken care of in the most professional way possible and I was 100% right! Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism in which you handled my case.”
Shana Graham
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