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Estate Planning Lawyer Wytheville VA

Estate Planning Lawyer Wytheville VAThinking about losing someone you love, or dying yourself, can be an uncomfortable thought, and one that you would prefer to ignore. The truth of the matter is that death is a reality and a party of everyone’s life. By taking a moment to think about what might happen to your belongings when you pass away, you could make the situation easier for those you care about most.

Part of the estate planning process regards probate. This is an important factor to consider because unless certain measures are taken, your beneficiaries will be required to go through the probate process. Depending on how complex your estate is will depend on how much time and money probate will cost.

An estate planning lawyer in Wytheville, VA can talk to you about what you can expect from the probate process and how to avoid it by drafting a trust. On the other hand, if you’re an executor of an estate and the testator has recently died, you will need to file a petition for probate. Our probate lawyers are able to guide you through this complex process and ensure it is carried out in an efficient manner.

For a consultation with an estate planning lawyer Wytheville, VA trusts now, call the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today.

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt our probate and estate planning lawyers have years of experience in a broad range of estate related services. When you choose our firm you can feel pleased in knowing we:

  • Are trusted by the Wytheville, VA community
  • Have the knowledge and experience to handle estate matters of all complexities
  • Offer superb communication
  • Are known for our zealous, aggressive legal representation in estate litigation matters
  • Help clients from all backgrounds and financial standings

To safeguard your future, let an estate planning lawyer in Wytheville, VA help you today.

Why You Should Have a Wytheville Estate Planning Lawyer on Your Side

Choosing to go through the probate process without legal representation may be a regrettable decision. Probate is supposed to make things go easier, but unless everything has been carefully thought out, and there are no hurdles, this is unlikely. When you have an estate planning lawyer in Wytheville, VA helping you out,  you can benefit from:

An Estate Planning Lawyer in Wytheville, VA Can Draft Your Will

A Wytheville, Virginia estate planning lawyer can help you to draft a legally binding will that is inclusive of your wishes and more detailed than a DIY will.

The Risk of Conflict and Disputes May Decreased

It is common for disputes to arise as soon as the probate process begins, especially if no will exists or certain beneficiaries are not satisfied with what is included in the will. An estate planning lawyer in Wytheville, VA can help to alleviate any tension and facilitate talks that lead to a resolution.

The Estate Can Be Protected

Probate is a public process. There are people who use this their advantage in hoping to find a way to make a claim on the estate. This includes creditors and long lost relatives, for example. An estate planning lawyer in Wytheville, VA knows how to recognize this and can make use of various laws that protects the estate.

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At the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we offer complimentary consultations which means you lose nothing, but a small amount of your time. What you gain from our services could be invaluable. For your consultation, call an estate planning lawyer Wytheville, VA trusts today at (276)623-0808.

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