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Being seriously injured can be terrifying.  If you’ve been injured in an accident; you will probably have two big questions: (1) How much will an attorney cost? (2) What do I do next?

Since 2000, Kingsport has grown almost twenty percent, to a population of 54,076.  The hustle and bustle of the city has picked up, providing more opportunities for accidents in densely populated areas.  Consequently, accidents and injuries have increased.

If someone else made a reckless or negligent mistake which left you or your family with physical injuries, property damage, or mental anguish, or if a loved one has been killed, it’s important to retain a knowledgeable, pragmatic attorney who can answer your questions and help you understand your legal options.  As an experienced Kingsport personal injury lawyer, I will walk you through the process in simple, straightforward terms, and I will fight vigorously in seeking the compensation you or your loved one deserve.

You Do Not Pay Unless Compensation is Recovered; Litigation Costs Advanced

We represent clients on a contingent fee basis, meaning that there is no fee for us unless we successfully obtain compensation for you.

You may be worried about how you will cover other expenses like court costs or expert fees.  You needn’t worry about paying these costs while your case is ongoing, as we also advance all the costs needed in litigation (normally, these expenses will be deducted from a settlement or jury award).

Don’t Attempt to Resolve Your Claim on Your Own

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, most likely the insurance company for the driver who hit you will be involved in a lawsuit or demand for compensation.  Insurance companies are interested in their bottom line, not in providing the appropriate financial support that you need.  Likely, insurance providers will be looking for any excuse to deny your claim and will attempt to use any information that they can against you.  Unfortunately, many people attempt to handle their own personal injury claim and often provide too much information before realizing the complexity of dealing with insurance companies and gathering and protecting evidence.

You should also note that the insurance company for the other driver has the sole duty to protect the interests of that driver.  This is the case even if your insurance company is the company as the insurance company of the other driver – they will not be looking out for your interests.

Often, Insurance companies reach out to victims shortly after an accident to obtain a statement about what transpired, many times before they can see a doctor and realize the full extent of their injuries.  The more you tell an insurance adjuster about how the accident happened and the injuries you suffered, the more information they have to use against you.  However, you are under no legal obligation to give a statement about the accident to insurance companies at that time.  It is important that you contact the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt before you give a statement so that we can help you avoid providing potentially damaging information.

The Types of Cases We Accept

No matter the size of your case, Kingsport injury attorney Mark Hurt has the experience and tenacity needed to represent clients in almost all types of injury cases.  Mark is a Duke Law School honors graduate, and he has represented clients in numerous state court matters, in Federal court, and even before the United States Supreme Court.  Injury cases that he and the firm accept include those involving:

Our Wrongful Death Case Representation

Please accept our sincerely condolences if you and your family has lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence.  While coping with the loss of a loved, we understand that survivors face numerous other obstacles (such as medical expenses, loss of income, and important decisions, including whether to file a claim).

We understand that deciding whether to pursue a claim is a significant decision. As an experienced Kingsport personal injury attorney, Mark Hurt can guide you through the litigation process and be by your side, to demand justice and accountability as well as the compensation you deserve.

Why the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt?

Over the past 30 years, our firm founder, Mark Hurt, has helped secure millions of dollars for injured clients and families who have lost loved ones.  If you retain our services, you will be working directly with Mark – not a junior, less experienced attorney.  He will use his expertise to help you seek justice and get the best outcome possible.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms or Put off Doctor Visits

Filing an insurance claim is intended to help you pay medical bills, make up for lost wages, and compensate for other damages. However, not properly documenting your injuries can potentially derail your chances of recovering a just settlement.

Many accident victims say that they feel fine at the scene and refuse medical treatment.  Often, however, symptoms may not occur for several days or some people may underestimate the severity of their injuries. After an accident, a doctor should always conduct an evaluation, even if you feel well.  If you refuse medical treatment at the scene, make sure that you see a doctor as soon as possible.  If you wait too long after the accident, an insurance adjuster might argue that your injuries are less severe or unrelated to the accident.

Keeping up with follow-up doctors’ appointments and treatment is also important.  Failure to comply with your physician’s orders and recommendations may open the door for an adjuster to argue that your injuries are not significant or that your failure to tend to your recovery worsened your injuries.

Call Us for a Free Consultation to Learn About Your Options

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, we invite you to call us to schedule a free consultation so that we can evaluate your case and walk through your options.   At the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we believe in providing comprehensive service and will be there to help, not just with litigation, but with other related issues (such as gathering medical and insurance information, speaking with your physician about your treatment and prognosis, interacting with bill collectors, and speaking with insurance adjusters).  Mark Hurt will be by your side to help fight for every dollar you deserve.

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