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Do I Need to File an Accident Report in Tennessee?

If you (or a loved one) were involved in an automobile accident in Tennessee, you might be wondering whether you are required to file an accident report. Under Tennessee law, drivers and vehicle owners are required to report most accidents that occur within the state. Failure to do so could result in a license suspension and other avoidable ramifications that can affect a compensation claim.

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We also invite you to read the following article to learn more about Tennessee car accident reporting requirements.

Who Is Required to File a Car Accident Report in Tennessee?

When a car, truck, or motorcycle accident causes only minor damage, filing an accident report may seem unnecessary, especially in cases where insurance companies are not involved. However, Tennessee has strict legal requirements regarding car accident reporting.

A Tennessee automobile accident must be reported to law enforcement if:

  • Any person is injured or killed;
  • Property damage exceeds $50; or
  • Your insurance policy requires you to notify authorities.

Individuals are also required to separately file an Owner/Driver Accident Report if:

  • Any person is injured or killed; or
  • Property damage exceeds $400.

Reporting an accident is not based on liability, meaning that a report must be submitted regardless of who was at fault for a collision. This applies even if an investigating officer creates their own report.

How Do I Report a Car Accident or Truck Collision in Tennessee?

In accordance with Tennessee law, nearly every car accident, even minor incidents, should be reported to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDSHS) by submitting a written Owner/Driver Report within twenty days from the date of a crash.

If you are required to notify authorities about a car accident, you must fill out a physical reporting form and mail it to the following:

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
P.O. Box 945
Nashville, TN 37202

Should I Notify the Police If I Am Involved in a Car Accident in Tennessee?

While reporting a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle accident to law enforcement is required by law in most cases, it can also be highly beneficial, as it typically leads to the creation of a police accident report, which is often a crucial element in documenting subsequent claims.

Police reports contain a wealth of pertinent details and vital information which can be used to substantiate a claim for maximum compensation, such as:

  • Time, date, and location of an accident
  • Contact and insurance information of all involved parties
  • Eyewitness contact information
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Statements from involved parties
  • Types of vehicles and damages caused by a collision
  • Information regarding the scene (e.g., road, lighting, and weather conditions)
  • Citations
  • Toxicology results
  • Official opinions regarding the cause of an accident

How Can I Request a Police Report for a Tennessee Car Accident?

A police report for a car accident can be requested online, in person, or by mail by completing the following steps:

  • THP District Office In-Person Request. Individuals can obtain a Crash Report for a fee of $4 at a Tennessee Highway Patrol (“THP”) District Office. The reports are generally available seven days after the date of the crash.
  • Mail Request. Crash reports can also be requested by mail by sending a $4 cashier’s check, money order, or personal/business check and a return address to the following address:

Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security
Financial Responsibility Division
P.O. Box 945
Nashville, TN 37202-0945

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Car accidents can be challenging due to significant injuries, unexpected medical expenses, lost wages, and other significant losses. These obstacles can become even more overwhelming when an individual is also tasked with completing Tennessee’s strict car accident reporting requirements.

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