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Russell County Reckless Driving Lawyer for Virginia Traffic Citations

Nestled within the Clinch Valley, the rugged and mountainous terrain of Russell County is genuinely one of the most mesmerizing and rich areas in the world.  The unique ecosystem has led to the designation of three natural area preserves: the Pinnacle, The Channels, and Cleveland Barrens.[1]  From golfing, hiking, biking, and prime fishing to festivals, fairs, and even a vineyard, recreational opportunities abound for residents and visitors alike.

The county’s scenic and natural beauty alone is enough to capture the hearts and minds of outdoor enthusiasts.  Travelers and residents often appreciate the open roads and highways amidst the lush terrain.  Because of the sprawling landscape, driving is a significant part of everyday life here, and most individuals drive daily for any number of commutes.  Therefore, it is critical for all drivers to be informed about traffic laws and reckless driving offenses in Virginia.

Reckless driving is a particularly strict offense in Virginia, frequently resulting in hefty fines, license suspensions, tarnished driving records, increased insurance premiums, lifelong criminal records, and (in some cases) incarceration.  If you were cited for reckless driving, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our office to schedule a free consultation so that you can learn your options for challenging your ticket and achieving a better outcome than pleading guilty.

We represent residents and visitors of cities located in Russell County, including Cleveland, Lebanon, Honaker, St. Paul, Castlewood, Dante, Swords Creek, Copper Creek, Rosedale, Hansonville, Willis, Tumbez, and throughout Southwest Virginia.

What Does an Experienced Russell County Traffic Citation Lawyer Charge?

Many large firms charge clients exorbitantly expensive hourly rates, which can end up being more than traffic citation penalties.  Moreover, clients at these firms face significant financial uncertainty in term of how much their legal representation will ultimately cost.

We don’t believe in this billing practice.  At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we offer an affordable, fixed-fee representation in reckless driving cases, meaning our clients never have to worry about an unknown cost of legal fees as their matter progresses.  If you retain us, your legal fee will not increase, even if you choose to take your case to trial.  For the convenience of clients, we also accept credit card payments.

What is the Difference Between Speeding and Reckless Driving in Virginia?

Under Virginia law, the penalties for reckless driving can be much more severe than mere speeding.  Further, exceeding the speed limit by only twenty miles per hour or driving over eighty-five miles per hour (regardless of the speed limit) is considered reckless driving in Virginia, which is a criminal offense.

The penalties for reckless driving in Virginia include:

  • Fines (up to $2,500 plus court fees)
  • Community Service
  • Driver Improvement Programs
  • Criminal Charge (Class 1 misdemeanor or Class 6 felony if a fatality occurs)
  • License Suspension (up to 6 months)
  • 6 Demerit Points (on a permanent driving record)
  • Increased Insurance Premiums
  • Incarceration (up to 1 year in jail)
  • Potential Employment Issues

Being an automatic Class-1 misdemeanor, reckless driving is considered a major offense, and the penalties can vary greatly depending on the facts and circumstances of your case and whether you have legal representation.

We invite those who have received a reckless driving charge to contact us to take advantage of our free consultation, and to learn how we will work tenaciously in seeking to achieve the best outcome possible for their case.

What Is Reckless Driving in Russell County, Virginia?

In addition to excessive speeding, the most common driving behaviors that lead to being charged with reckless driving in Russell County, Virginia, include:

  • Racing of any kind;
  • Spinning wheels or “burning rubber”;
  • Driving a vehicle with faulty or improperly adjusted brakes;
  • Illegally passing two vehicles at once, a stopped school bus, or at a highway intersection;
  • Failing to provide proper signals;
  • Driving next to another motor vehicle on a one-lane road;
  • Driving too fast for traffic or highway conditions (regardless of the displayed speed limit);
  • Endangering a person or property on parking lots or driveways open to the public; or
  • Speeding over twenty miles per hour or driving faster than eighty-five miles per hour (regardless of the posted speed limit).[2]

Local police officers strictly enforce these driving laws; thus, if you are in the driver’s seat conducting any of these reckless driving behaviors, you could quickly be issued a citation.

Why Should I Hire a Russell County Speeding and Reckless Driving Lawyer?

If you wish to mitigate or avoid reckless driving penalties, you can increase your chances of success by hiring an experienced Russell County reckless driving attorney.  Attorney Mark Hurt has over 25 years of legal experience and a reputation for being a tough litigator who gets results.

We have helped hundreds of clients avoid direct and indirect ramifications of traffic citation charges, such as incarceration, suspension of a license, losing a job, paying large fines, and facing increased insurance premiums.

If you were cited for reckless driving or another traffic charge, call our office to schedule a free consultation.  Firm-founding attorney Mark Hurt can discuss the facts of your case and explain your legal options for presenting a robust case for leniency and reduced penalties.

Learn about our affordable fixed-fee representation.  We accept credit card payments in reckless driving cases.

[1] Russell, Virginia is for Lovers,

[2] VA Code § 46.2-862,

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