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The State Police love to issue speeding tickets to motorists traveling the stretch of Interstate 77 from the West Virginia border at Bland County, Virginia to the border with North Carolina in Carroll County. Many motorists assume that they have been issued a mere traffic citation that they can pay when they return home.  However, if the motorist was ticketed for going a mere 11 miles over the 70 mph speed limit, the driver is in for a nasty surprise.

Speeding Can Mean Reckless Driving

Going 11 miles or more over a 70 mph speed limit in Virginia will result in a charge for reckless driving — a criminal misdemeanor on par with a DUI.   The consequences of a reckless driving conviction can be severe.  Click here for a discussion of those consequences and how as an experienced reckless driving attorney I will fight to reduce or dismiss your reckless driving charge.

What if I Was Charged with Driving 80 MPH?

If you were charged with going 80 mph or less, then you are more fortunate — you were charged with a mere traffic offence.  While this charge is not as severe as a reckless driving charge, I can also work to get your charge reduced or dismissed.

Where are Reckless Driving Cases Heard?

In Virginia, reckless driving tickets are adjudicated in General District Court.  Bland County, Carroll County and Wythe County each have its own district court.

Why is this important?

Each of these courts has its own judges, prosecutors and policies for adjudicating tickets.

In Most Cases, My Clients do Not Need to Appear at Court

Unless you hire a lawyer, if you were charged with reckless driving you are usually required to attend the hearing on your charge.  Even if you are an out-of-state driver, simply ignoring the ticket and failing to show up at the hearing can have dire consequences.

A bench warrant for arrest could be issued, which be added to a national database. If you’re later stopped by the police, you could be jailed.

Let Me Help You

I can appear in court on your behalf, and my firm accepts credit cards for the payment of legal fees.  I offer a free consultation, so please feel free to call me to learn about how I can help

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