Washington County, TN Car Accident LawyerWashington County, Tennessee Car Accident Lawyer

Washington County, Tennessee is comprised of approximately 330 square miles, and is home to about 125,000 residents.  It has the distinction of being the oldest county in Tennessee, having been established in 1777 when this area was still part of North Carolina.

Over half of the county’s residents live in Johnson City, which is bisected by Interstate 26 (also known as Quillen Parkway).  Quillen Parkway and Washington County’s rural highways and other streets and thoroughfares are all the subject of numerous car crashes each year; some of which are fatal.

When crashes happen, our firm is there to represent those injured and the families who have lost a loved one in seeking justice and full compensation.

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If you’ve been injured in a car or vehicle accident due to the negligence or reckless actions of others, you may not know where to turn.  This is especially true if you and your family have sustained the loss of a loved one, and are trying to put back the pieces of your life while trying to recover from emotional and potentially financial losses.

As Washington County, Tennessee car accident lawyers, we provide dedicated representation to those injured in car, truck, and other vehicle collisions not only in Washington County, but also in the surrounding towns and counties.

What You Should Know About Car Accident and Vehicle Crashes

The Insurance Company is Not Your Friend

Most of us are raised to do the right thing.  When we inadvertently make a mistake, we apologize and try to make things right.  If we break something that belongs to someone else, we offer to pay for it.

Unfortunately, these basic concepts of fairness and doing the right thing typically are not practiced by insurance companies whose drivers are potentially liable for damages.  While they may pay small claims when only minor property damage results and it’s clear that their client is at fault, their attitude usually changes significantly when severe injuries or a death is involved.  In these cases, where hundreds of thousands of dollars or more may be at stake, they become highly adversarial.

Saving Money; Regardless of Crash Causation

Insurance companies for a defendant may blame the victim.  They will challenge the “facts” of a case, such as whether a light was red or the nature and extent of a victim’s injuries.

They have one objective in mind, and it’s not to do the right thing.  It’s to save as much money as possible, even if doing so involves questionable tactics.

You need an experienced trial lawyer on your side.  A lawyer and law firm who are tenacious in fighting insurance companies, defendants, and others for every penny that is owed.

You Deserve Lawyers Who Will Take the Time Necessary to Get Full Compensation

In addition to experience, it is critical in every case to retain an attorney who will go all-out in seeking full and fair compensation.  An attorney who is willing to engage in the painstaking work to prove not only fault, but also full compensation.  Our goal is to get every client the full compensation to which they are entitled – not one penny less.

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Litigate Against Experienced Trial Lawyers

Not all injury lawyers have significant trial experience.  In fact, many experienced injury lawyers have had no or few trials, even over a lengthy career.

Insurance company attorneys know well which plaintiff attorneys commonly try cases, as well as which attorneys are good trial lawyers and who have achieved significant trial verdicts.  They know that if their driver is at fault, they will need to offer a significant settlement or face being taken to trial and the possibility of losing substantially more money.

Conversely, insurance company attorneys also know which attorneys seldom or never take cases to trial.  Often, the insurance company lawyers will believe that they can obtain a lower settlement when opposing counsel has no or limited trial experience.

Our Litigation and Trial Experience

Firm founding attorney Mark Hurt is an honors graduate of Duke Law School.  With more than 30 years of legal practice, Mark has tried cases in state trial courts, appellate courts, and state supreme courts, as well as Federal district trial and appellate courts.  Mark has even tried two cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mark’s victories range from settlements for “fender-bender” accidents to trials involving millions of dollars.  He is known for tenaciously representing clients in all cases, regardless of the amount at stake.

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