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Estate Planning Lawyer in Bristol, TN

Estate Planning Lawyer Bristol, TN

Parents spend a staggering amount of time tending to their children’s needs. They are also understandably often preoccupied with ensuring that their children’s needs are met. Yet, too few parents take the time to ensure that their children’s needs will continue to be met in the event that they are unexpectedly no longer in a physical position to take care of them. Accidents happen. Illnesses and unknown underlying medical conditions can change the way that a family operates in the span of a heartbeat. As a result, it is critically important that all parents of minor children and/or adult children with certain special needs work with an experienced Bristol, Tennessee estate planning lawyer in order to name a potential guardian for those children in the event of a parent’s incapacitation and/or premature death.

Choosing a Guardian – The Basics

The process of naming a potential guardian in a legally enforceable way is not a pleasant task. Thankfully, the team at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt understands how to complete this process in efficient, effective and low-stress ways. Because an attorney will handle the “heavy lifting” in terms of preparing proper documentation, the most challenging task that parents will have to undertake during this process involves determining who will be named as guardian and who will be named as an alternate in the event that the first individual/couple is not able to assume this authority. If you have questions about this process, a Bristol, TN estate planning lawyer can help.

When choosing a potential guardian for your kids, please consider practical matters, such as a potential candidate’s city/state of residence, whether a candidate has a truly time-consuming job and whether a candidate would be open to assuming this role. In addition, please consider broader values-based concerns, such as whether a potential guardian candidate will honor your child’s faith traditions and whether a potential guardian will help to ensure that your child remains connected to his or her loved ones. These are tough questions. But for better and worse, these questions need to be asked and answered.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you are interested in naming a guardian for your minor children in the event of your unexpected and premature death, please do not hesitate to connect with an experienced Bristol, TN estate planning lawyer today. The process of naming a potential guardian for your kids can be understandably stressful and intimidating. But it is necessary to embrace this process as soon as you possibly can after you become a parent. Without legally enforceable “directions” in regards to this situation, a court may be compelled to name a guardian for your children without your input. Similarly, if you have not named a potential guardian in a legally enforceable way, your loved ones may end up fighting over who gets custody of your children if you die prematurely. Please, allow a Bristol, TN estate planning lawyer to take the stress largely off your shoulders by helping to provide guidance and legal support as you navigate this legal task. You will almost certainly sleep better at night knowing that you have taken care of your children in this way.


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