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Wythe County Traffic Lawyer

Wythe County Traffic Lawyer

The assistance a Wythe County Virginia traffic lawyer may be vital if you have been pulled over for a traffic violation, like speeding. The process can be quite overwhelming. If the officer gives you a ticket, you’ll probably be told that you have to appear in court. If that scares you, you should know that you have options to take care of your ticket. The situation can become far more serious when you ignore the ticket and don’t pay it. Here are answers to frequently asked questions answered by The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, a Wythe County traffic lawyer you can depend on:

Does Signing the Ticket Indicate You Are Guilty?

When a law enforcement officer gives you a traffic ticket for violating the law, you’ll be asked to sign the ticket. Signing the ticket is simply agreeing that you received the ticket. It does not mean that you are admitting guilt. It’s an acknowledgement that you will deal with it, either by paying the ticket or appearing in court. Our Wythe County traffic lawyer wants you to be aware that refusing to sign the ticket can put you at risk of being arrested by law enforcement. Take the ticket with grace. Be civil. Before driving away, take the time to collect yourself in order to avoid driving while distracted.

Do You Pay the Ticket or Fight It in Court?

Once you get home and are calmer, you might start to think that you got a bad deal. Maybe you were speeding, but you can’t afford another point on your driver’s license. Whatever you do, our Wythe County traffic lawyer stresses the importance of facing the situation head on. It’s important that you not ignore the ticket. It will not go away on its own. You will have the option of pleading “no contest” and paying the fine before the court date. Generally, this means that you accept that you’re guilty. You don’t want to take the time to stress over the ticket.

Working with a trusted traffic lawyer in Wythe County can prove essential in assisting you in exploring options that you may not be aware are available to you. Some jurisdictions offer first-time offenders a reduced fine if they plead to a no-contest. You or your lawyer will want to ask the court clerk or district attorney if the community has that type of program. Not only do you get a reduced fee, the DA may not release the information to the insurance company. You may not have to go to court to get this deal, but you do have to find out if it’s available to you. 

In some cases, if you were speeding more than 30 miles over the posted limit, you may not have any choice but to appear in court. At this point, your Wythe County traffic lawyer can assist by representing you and protecting your rights. Depending on your situation, your lawyer may recommend going to court to fight the ticket. If there is a mistake on the ticket itself or if the ticketing officer doesn’t show up in court, your case could be dismissed.

Depending on the severity of the charges and how pleading guilty will affect your life, you may want to obtain an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. For more information regarding how The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can help you, contact our trusted Wythe County traffic lawyer as soon as possible. 

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