Interstate 81 crosses into Virginia from Tennessee at the City of Bristol, Virginia.  A spur from I-81, I-381, goes directly into the City.  Although there are not many miles of Interstate in Bristol, VA, the Virginia State Police and the Bristol City police stay busy issuing speeding tickets to drivers passing through the city limits.

For those drivers ticketed going 81 mph or more, they have been charged with reckless driving.  Virginia has perhaps the harshest reckless driving penalties in the country for an offense based solely on excessive speed. Possible penalties for reckless driving in Virginia are unbelievable:  a criminal misdemeanor conviction that creates a permanent criminal record; a fine of up to $2500; 6 demerit points on your driving record;  a 6 month license suspension; and up to 12 months in jail.

As a recent GEICO commercial highlighted, Bristol is actually two cities – Bristol, VA and Bristol TN, divided by the state line.  I was born and raised in Bristol and have lived in both Bristol TN and Bristol VA.

Traffic tickets issued in Bristol VA are tried in the Bristol Virginia General District Court.  I am very familiar with the two judges who adjudicate the speeding and reckless driving in Bristol, VA, and the factors that they consider in resolving the tickets and the penalties they impose. The Bristol, Virginia Police Chief was a fellow student in my high school class.

I have been successful for my clients in having most speeding and  reckless driving tickets reduced or even dismissed in the Bristol traffic court.

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My law office at 100 5th Street in Bristol, Tennessee is a 10-minute walk from the Bristol, Virginia traffic court, where I regularly appear.   

If you are ticketed in the City of Bristol, Virginia for speeding or reckless driving, it could be a huge mistake to simply pay the fine.  Before you do, call me, Mark Hurt, first for a free consultation to discuss your options. Depending on your circumstances, your best option might be to let me fight to get your ticket reduced or dismissed and to keep your driving record clean and your car insurance rates low.



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“Before I get into my review of Ms.Stephanie Pease of the Mark T. Hurt law firm, let me just give a little background information. On Halloween night of 2017 while traveling down to TN, a state trooper of VA nabbed me at an alleged 105 in 70. A whopping 35 mph over the speed limit and considered a class one misdemeanor in VA. After arriving at my destination I did some research online for Bristol, VA lawyers and came across Mark T. Hurt. After contacting this firm and hiring them, I was told Ms. Stephanie would be handling my case. After having my court date I am extremely please with her actions as a lawyer and the outcome. Not only did she ask what sounded like all the right questions, the ones you would imagine hearing on a tv show like law and order as this was my first time in court. But she convinced the judge to take evidence that usually he wouldn’t accept, got my criminal charge knocked down to an traffic violation. I was able to walk away with a very small fine and avoid any type of incarceration, suspension, criminal history, and a whole lot of more points on my license. Thank you Stephanie!!!” – Ben B.

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Frankie was the best. She helped me mentally, lawfully, she communicates and I appreciate her. I would never ever contact anyone else other than her if I’m ever in a situation in VA and if this law firm can cross state lines I would pay them! I felt so secure and safe! Thanks so much!
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