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Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Brunswick County, VA

Speeding Ticket Lawyer - Brunswick County, VASpeeding Ticket Lawyer – Brunswick County, VA


Did you know that ignoring a speeding ticket can result in the loss of your license? A license suspension could result in trouble getting to work, to see friends and family, and to run mundane errands without hassle. If you have received a speeding ticket, it is advisable to gain a complete understanding of the options you have available. To do that, consider speaking with an experienced Brunswick County, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer today.


Ignoring Your Ticket is the Worst Thing You Can Do


In the grand scheme of things, getting a traffic ticket isn’t that big of a deal. But what can make it a big deal (legally and financially speaking) is ignoring it altogether. Ignoring any legal action is a truly terrible idea. When you ignore a ticket, you could set yourself up for jail time, increased fines, community service, and a host of other challenging consequences. Instead, resolve to face the ticket head on with a trusted Brunswick County, VA speeding ticket lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt at your side. Our legal team can aggressively fight to reduce your fines and we may even be able to have your ticket dismissed. Don’t ignore your ticket. Explore your options and make an informed, proactive decision after speaking with an experienced Brunswick County, VA speeding ticket lawyer instead. Your future self will thank you. 


Cost to Hire a Lawyer


Most people think lawyers are extremely expensive. But when it comes to speeding ticket representation, they’re usually not. Additionally, the long-term calculus of this decision illustrates how much working with an attorney can actually save you in the end


If our firm is able to win your case, you avoid:

  • Paying excessive court costs
  • Getting points on your license
  • Possibly having your license suspended
  • Higher car insurance rates


Our goal is to reduce your fine and keep points from being added to your license. Having additional points added to your license could end up costing you more money than the fine itself. Your insurance company will raise your rates and you may even have to take public transportation for awhile. Ignoring your traffic ticket makes these scenarios almost guaranteed.


When you hire a Brunswick County, VA speeding ticket lawyer, you’re hiring someone to help you in the long term. That’s what we do. Our goal is to spare you headaches, harsh legal consequences and unnecessary financial burdens down the road. . 


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Our legal team has the experience you need to fight your traffic ticket as efficiently and effectively as possible. Schedule a risk-free consultation with our Brunswick County, VA speeding ticket lawyer today so we can walk you through your options. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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