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Why You Need a Ticket Lawyer in Smyth County, VA | Virginia Traffic Lawyer

Home to over 32,000 residents, Smyth County’s famous Blue Ridge Mountains offer breathtaking views and many cultural and outdoor attractions, including award-winning Hungry Mother State Park, the renovated Lincoln Theatre for live entertainment, and the Museum of the Middle Appalachians.[1] These attractions appeal to the interests of almost everyone.  As such, the area draws countless residents and visitors each year.

Smyth County is bisected by Interstate 81, which is a major Northeast to Southwest thoroughfare between Knoxville, Tennessee, and Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Interstate 81, and the parallel highway 11 (Lee Highway), are both heavily traveled through the county.  Local law enforcement is vigilant in patrolling these and other Smyth County roadways, which result in thousands of traffic citations each year.

As a Smyth County Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Firm Founder Mark Hurt Offers a Free Consultation, and Represents Those Charged with Traffic Citations on a Fixed Fee Basis.

While some citations (such as a parking violation) only lead to minor penalties that can quickly be resolved by paying a small fine, most individuals erroneously believe that all traffic violations work in the same way.  In Virginia, however, that is generally not the case, as the state has some of the strictest driving laws in the country.

Some traffic tickets can have long-lasting and severe impacts, including hefty fines, higher insurance rates, and driver’s license suspensions. Reckless driving can even lead to incarceration.

We invite you to call our office today if you’ve received a ticket to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn about your legal options for potentially mitigating costly penalties.

How Attorney Mark Hurt Can Help

Attorney Mark Hurt is known professionally for having top education from Duke University School of Law and being a tenacious litigator who has a track record of success in traffic cases.  Mark honed his litigation skills at renowned firms in Washington D.C. and Dallas, Texas, before returning to the Tri-Cities area.  He now uses these legal skills to advocate for reduced charges and dismissals in traffic citation cases, including those involving:

  • Speeding;
  • Reckless Driving;
  • Running a Stop Sign or Traffic Light;
  • Racing;
  • DUI or DWI;
  • Driving with Obstructed Vision;
  • Not Wearing a Safety Belt;
  • Driving with a Handheld Device; and
  • Other Moving Violations.

If you are looking for a Smyth County, VA speeding or traffic ticket lawyer, call our office to learn how we may be able to help you get a better outcome than pleading guilty.

Do I Need a Smyth County, VA Ticket Lawyer?

Whether you need a Smyth County, Virginia traffic attorney often entails considering both the short and long-term ramifications of a ticket, including the severity of the penalties. In considering retaining a lawyer, it’s important not to overlook a conviction’s full implications, such as higher insurance costs and the potential consequences of a ticket (including job ramifications when driving is required).  In addition, as noted below, reckless driving is a criminal offense in Virginia which cannot be expunged.

If you’ve received a ticket, please consider the following:

1.     Understand Whether Your Charge is Speeding or Reckless Driving.

Under Section 46.2-862 of the Virginia Code, an individual can be charged with reckless driving if caught driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or traveling over 85 miles per hour (regardless of the speed limit).  As a result, many of those ticketed (particularly those from out-of-state) are surprised to learn that they’ve actually received a ticket for reckless driving, not just speeding.

At a minimum, a reckless driving conviction will result in a Class 1 misdemeanor that holds the risk of imprisonment, fines, license revocation, and other punishments.  However, under certain circumstances, the charge can be upgraded to a Class 6 felony.

In either case, a lifelong criminal record will result, and it cannot be expunged, as Virginia does not allow for the removal of charges at a later date.  When this happens, if an individual applies for a job or attempts to rent an apartment, they will likely have to report the charge.  Fortunately, there is no need to instantly admit guilt in response to a reckless driving allegation.  Instead, as a Smyth County, VA traffic ticket lawyer, attorney Mark Hurt can fight for you for a better outcome.

2.     A Ticket Can be Costly as a Result of Increased Insurance premiums in Virginia!

While most people are aware of standard traffic fines, they often fail to consider the other ancillary costs that can result from a conviction.  For example, insurance premiums typically increase over the next three years, often resulting in thousands of dollars more in insurance premiums overall.

On average, rates increase by 22% after a speeding ticket, as per[1]  An even more significant spike can occur if the speeding exceeds the reckless driving thresholds.

Further, drivers commonly have demerits, placing them on the brink of losing their driver’s license if additional demerits are added.  If an individual loses their license, they will need to consider the cost of potentially losing work opportunities and paying for a cab or public transportation.  Therefore, losing your license can be financially devastating (even for only a few months).

At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we offer fixed-fee representation in traffic citation cases, meaning you will pay the same affordable rate regardless of how much time it takes for your matter.  Further, we accept credit card payments.

3.     Get the Best Deal Possible in Smyth County!

Many individuals attempt to save money by representing themselves when accused of reckless driving or other traffic charges.  Few individuals, however, have the expertise or experience to do this efficiently.  As such, the results are often disastrous, and the penalties steeper.  Instead, not only can we represent you for an affordable fixed fee, in most cases you won’t even need to appear in court.

4.     Communicate Your Position Effectively

Judges hear tales of all sorts from people expressing their innocence.  Hiring an attorney can significantly increase the probability that your side of the argument is communicated effectively and accurately, as attorneys can cite not just the facts of the case but also case precedent to support a defense.

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today!

As an experienced traffic and ticket lawyer, Mark Hurt can help you in seeking the best outcome possible based upon the circumstances of your ticket charge, which may include mitigation of charges, case dismissal, or even a not guilty outcome if your case goes to trial.

Call Us. We can provide legal advice, consultation, and even aggressively defend you in court.

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