When an officer pulls you over and issues you a traffic ticket or violation, you may not realize that you will need the help of a Smyth County, VA traffic lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt. Despite the fact that many people may tell you that a traffic ticket is not that big of a deal, there are many levels of traffic tickets and it can hurt you badly in the long run if you have multiple traffic tickets or moving violations piling up. Do you want to see how our team of attorneys can help you after you were issued a traffic ticket? Contact us now. The sooner we speak, the sooner we can help you resolve your issue. 

What does it mean to get a moving violation?

When a police officer issues you a moving violation, this is a common type of traffic ticket. It simply means that you violated the law while your vehicle was in motion. This could mean you were speeding, you rolled through a stop sign, or you ran a red light. It could even be something as serious as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can get non-moving related violations like parking in an area that is a no-parking zone or parking in front of a fire hydrant.  

Paying the ticket sounds like the easiest thing to do. Should I do this?

Our traffic lawyer in Smyth County, Virginia recommends that you do not do this. Pleading guilty can come with a whole host of problems. It means that you will have this on your record, that you will likely be paying the maximum amount of fines, and that if you already have traffic violations on your record you could be in for more serious punishments. The more violations you have, the more likely you are to get your license suspended and have higher fines. Your insurance premiums may also increase.  

Is it possible to fight traffic tickets? 

Absolutely. We believe it is always in our clients’ best interests to fight even what they consider  to be a small traffic ticket. 

What can I do when I am pulled over for an alleged violation?

We care about giving you the representation you deserve. If you are interested in seeing how we can help you with this, contact our trusted traffic lawyer Smyth County, Virginia relies on from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt.