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When people get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket, they may view this as perhaps a stroke of bad luck that they can’t do anything about. They may pay the ticket grudgingly and wait for their insurance to skyrocket or lose their license, among other potential repercussions depending on the severity of the violation. What many people in this predicament may not realize is they do have another option. They can work with an experienced Greensville County, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer to fight the charges.

What if I have questions about how to handle my ticket?

By hiring a Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer to help you with your case, you benefit from knowledgeable legal guidance. Depending on your circumstances, the legal team at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can develop a strategy in hopes of reducing the ticket fee or getting it dropped entirely. 


Can a traffic ticket lawyer help me establish truth?

Maybe you firmly believe that you didn’t speed through a red light, but the officer accuses you of having done exactly that anyway. Now, it’s your word against the officer’s story. A strategic way to establish truth is by contesting the ticket and coming up with evidence that supports your side of the story. If traffic cameras have been installed on the road you were traveling on, it is possible to obtain the footage of you driving and whether or not you actually did run the red light. Similarly, your Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer can potentially challenge the validity of the speed read out the law enforcement officer used when citing you with a traffic infraction. 


Is there a chance I could get an alternate consequence? 

Without legal assistance, most people who are accused of traffic violations are deemed guilty as charged. Hiring a Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer can raise your chances of receiving a reduced penalty. When this isn’t the case, then the lawyer may be able to negotiate with the judge for mitigated consequences. For example, instead of paying a fine or having the license suspended, a traffic ticket lawyer can propose that you attend traffic school instead. 


Can hiring a traffic ticket lawyer save me money in the long run?

When people think about hiring a lawyer, they assume that they will be met with a huge influx of legal bills. For much more serious crimes, that may be true. But for traffic ticket cases, the accused driver is more likely to save money in the long run by paying for this help now. It isn’t uncommon for a car insurance agency to raise the premiums for those who have points added to their record. And in most circumstances, these driving points don’t come off the record until many years later.