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Carroll County Lawyer for CDL Speeding Tickets, Weight, Log & Equipment Violations

Carroll County, Virginia, is located in a scenic area that is sparsely populated with only about 20,000 residents (as of 2010), or only about 60 residents per square mile.  Interstate 77 runs in a north/south direction through Carroll County, which is a main thoroughfare between Charleston and Charlotte.

As a significant interstate, state highway patrol officers are focused on ensuring that commercial truckers drive safely, and that they comply with not only with Virginia state traffic laws (including laws against speeding), but also the rules and regulations (the “trucking regulations”) enacted under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”).

As Carroll County, Virginia CDL lawyers, we represent commercial interstate drivers charged with violating Virginia speeding and other traffic laws, and also violations of the trucking regulations (including those concerning Hours of Service regulations, Electronic Logging Devices (known as “ELDs” or sometimes “logs” or “log books”), weight, safety, and equipment violations).

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Our Credentials

If you’ve been issued a ticket or charged with violating any of the trucking regulations, you will want an experienced attorney in your corner.  Firm founder Mark Hurt has been representing clients for more than 30 years, and has successfully represented clients at all levels of the Virginia court system, as well as in federal district, federal appellate court, and before the United States Supreme Court.

Mark graduated with honors in the top 10% of his class at Duke Law school.  He is known as a tenacious advocate in representing clients, as well as being dedicated to seeking the best result for all clients – no matter the size of their case.

In representing interstate commercial drivers, Mark understands what is at stake when traffic ticket or trucking regulation violations are issued.  Every traffic ticket and alleged trucking violation can directly impact the ability of a driver to earn a living in their current occupation.  Traffic ticket convictions and trucking regulation violations require notification to the company for which the driver is employed, which can jeopardize employment.  Similarly, serious trucking company regulation violations can even lead to being placed “out-of-service”, meaning that a driver may have their CDL revoked.

Mark and our firm are tenacious in protecting the rights of drivers and commercial truckers.  Mark has represented numerous motorists charged with traffic violations, and is highly experienced in obtaining successful outcomes for these drivers.  He has secured dismissals of all charges in many cases, and in other cases charges have been dismissed based upon certain conditions having been satisfied.  He has also secured not guilty findings for clients at court.

Mark routinely interacts with the prosecutors and court in Carroll County, and thus is familiar with the range of outcomes that may be possible based upon these prosecutors and the court. With this familiarity, Mark knows how to best position a client’s case for the best outcome possible (although neither he nor any lawyer can make a guaranty of a successful outcome in any case).

Speeding Tickets – Going Over 85 MPH in Virginia is Not Just Speeding, It’s Reckless Driving

Commercial drivers routinely drive at 70 mph or more on Virginia interstates.  We understand that long-haul truckers must continuously fight the monotony of the road, and that it is very easy to inadvertently drive too fast.  In Virginia, though, being charged with going over 85 mph is not just speeding, it’s considered reckless driving, which is more severe than a simple speeding ticket.

Fortunately, we can help.

We have long been successful in getting charges dropped or reduced in speeding ticket cases, particularly if the driver otherwise has a “clean” record.  If you’ve been charged with speeding in Virginia, don’t ignore your ticket – call us to learn how we can help.

Trucking Regulation Violations – Log, Equipment, Weight, and Other Violations

The federal regulations developed by FMCSA set forth significant conditions that govern drivers engaged in interstate trucking.

Hours of Services Rules that prescribe mandatory rest breaks, and mandatory use of ELDs) to document compliance with the Hours of Service (“HOS”) rules and Record of Duty Status (“RDOS”).

Rules and regulations concerning safety, mandatory inspections, and prohibitions on the use of drugs and alcohol in specified hours prior to driving (and while driving).

Equipment and weight regulations.

When commercial drivers and truckers find themselves facing alleged violations of the trucking regulations, we also stand available to present a vigorous defense of these allegations.

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Feel free to call us at any time – 24/7 – to schedule a free consultation and to get started with fighting your ticket or trucking regulation violation.  In many cases (such as those involving speeding tickets), we can normally appear on your behalf in court, if necessary, so that you do not need to make a separate trip to Virginia to contest your charges.

Low Fixed-Fee & Credit Cards Accepted

We offer a low fixed fee for our representation, which does not increase even if your case goes to trial.  We also accept credit cards for payment.

We look forward to learning about you matter, and discussing with you how we can help.


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