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Speeding Ticket Lawyer Emporia VA

Speeding Ticket Lawyer Emporia VA

Speeding Ticket Lawyer Emporia VAAn Emporia, VA speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt knows that speeding tickets may not seem too bad at first glance, but the consequences may be more far-reaching than you realize. Here’s what you should think about before you simply plead guilty and pay the ticket.

How Much Does Your Ticket Cost?

Most speeding violations cost $75 to $400, but it really depends on how much you were speeding, the state law, where you were speeding, and even your driving record. A traffic lawyer Emporia, VA has come to know understands that if you were speeding through a school or construction zone, the fine might easily double. If you have recent traffic violations, you may be charged more. Typically, you will find the fine on the ticket, but if not, you can call the court clerk and ask for help.

Should You Pay the Ticket?

Our speeding ticket lawyer in Emporia, VA knows that pleading guilty to a speeding ticket might be the most expedient way to deal with it, but you have to consider the bigger picture. One traffic ticket might not raise your insurance rates too much, but if you already have any moving violations in the past three to five years, another one could bump it up quite a bit.

You should consider how many points you have on your driving record already. One speeding ticket doesn’t seem awful the first time, but as moving violations add up, it could affect your driving privileges. Adults usually won’t lose their license from a speeding ticket unless your driving record is really bad. Teenagers, those under the age of 18, may find out that a speeding violation suspends their driving privileges. It depends on the laws where you live. If you have more than one infraction, see how a trusted Emporia, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer can help you.

Look at Your Options

Instead of paying for the ticket, look for options to keep it off your driving record. If your state offers a program where you can take a driving school class to keep it off your record, that may be the best option. Most states only let you do that once every year to two years, so if you’ve already used that option, you will probably have to fight the ticket in court.

Get Help From a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Emporia, VA Drivers Count On!

When you go to court, you are given the opportunity to argue your case. Maybe the ticketing officer made mistakes on the ticket. You could also explain anything you’ve done to drive safer since the ticket. Maybe you have a higher risk of getting a ticket because you drive more than 15,000 miles per year. A traffic ticket lawyer could help you with procedural errors that could void your ticket. Talk to an Emporia, VA speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt about your situation to find the best outcome.

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