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Russell County, VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Why You Need a Speeding Ticket Attorney

Russell County, VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Why You Need a Speeding Ticket AttorneyNamed for William Russell, a Clinch Valley pioneer and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Russell County boasts majestic scenery, including the Clinch River, rolling hills, deep caverns, and the Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve.  From endless hiking trails and prime fishing to a vineyard and winding open roads, the County provides outdoor lovers with some of the most spectacular recreational activities in Southwest Virginia.

US Highway 19 offers mesmerizing views and long stretches of open road, tempting many drivers to intentionally or unintentionally drive above the speed limit.  Unfortunately, Virginia has some of the strictest speeding laws in the country, which many unsuspecting drivers learn about the hard way.  Depending on how fast an individual is speeding, they could face severe penalties, including:

  • Costly Fines
  • A Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Record
  • A License Suspension
  • Demerit Points on a Driving Record
  • Jail Time
  • Increased Insurance Premiums

Most individuals handle speeding tickets by merely paying the fine, hoping to move on quickly.  However, considering the harsh penalties that may result – heft fines, increased insurance premiums, demerits, and even the possibility of having a criminal record (in the case of speeding that is considered reckless driving), it is almost always in the best interests of drivers to fight a traffic charge to seek a better outcome.

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At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, Russell County speeding ticket lawyer has over 25 years of legal practice, and has helped countless clients achieve a better outcome for speeding charges than if they simply paid their ticket.  If you received a speeding citation, we invite you to call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We can evaluate your case, explain your legal options, and fight tenaciously for reduced penalties or a dismissal.

How Much Does a Russell County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Cost?

We strongly believe that every client should have access to quality legal representation at an affordable price.  For this reason, we offer fixed-free representation in traffic citation cases.  This means that you will have a one-time affordable fee for representation, which will not increase even if you choose to take your case to trial.  For your convenience, we also accept credit card payments.

Do I Have to Hire a Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorney?

Technically speaking, anyone can represent themself in court; however, this is typically not advisable.  The chances of receiving a reduction of penalties or a dismissal increase significantly when a person hires an experienced Russell County speeding ticket lawyer who understands the legal process and who knows what strategies will work the best.

About Firm Founder Mark Hurt

Firm-founding attorney Mark Hurt is a native Bristolian who obtained his law degree from Duke University.  Before returning to the Tri-Cities area, Mark worked at some of the country’s preeminent litigation firms, including in Dallas, Texas, and Washington DC.  He has a reputation for being an aggressive litigator with a track record of success in traffic citation cases.

If you received a speeding ticket, do not gamble with your future.  We urge you to call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn how we will work tenaciously on your behalf in seeking a better outcome for your case.

Will I Pay A Lower Fine if an Experienced Virginia Traffic Citation Lawyer Represents Me?


When it comes to speeding, the average fine is between $350 to $400, but the penalties are usually much higher if the speeding endangers lives or property in any way.  For example, excessive speeding in a school zone or driving over 85 miles per hour (regardless of the speed limit) are considered reckless driving, a charge which comes with much steeper penalties, including:

  • A license suspension;
  • Hefty fines;
  • Increased insurance rates;
  • A misdemeanor or felony criminal charge;
  • Six demerit points on your driving record; and
  • Up to one year in jail.

Is Your Speeding Ticket a Criminal Offense for Reckless Driving?

For those charged with exceeding the speed by 20 mph or more, or if the charge is driving in excess of 85 mph, the speeding ticket is actually a ticket for a criminal offense for reckless driving.  For this reason, if either of these conditions applies to you, it will be critical to seek an experienced Russell County speeding ticket lawyer before simply signing the ticket and mailing the fine, as Virginia is one of a few states that does not allow for the expungement of criminal convictions.  As a result, if you mail in your ticket in this situation and pay your fine, you will have a permanent criminal record that can never be erased.

Therefore, speeding ticket costs in Virginia are more than just a one-time payment; instead, the ramifications can last a lifetime.  We invite you to contact us and to let us work tenaciously in seeking for you a better outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Russell County Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

In addition to reduced penalties, hiring a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer can be highly beneficial for several other reasons, including:

  • Greater Chances of Winning in Court. Although you have the full right to defend a case yourself, judges are typically not overly-sympathetic for those who choose to represent themselves.  Instead, they are required to stick to the law, which is why those who retain an experienced lawyer will have a greater chance of receiving a favorable outcome.  At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we have represented hundreds of clients in traffic citation cases, which provides us with a significant advantage—we understand the technicalities that can be utilized to help our clients.
  • You Do Not Have to Miss Work. When an individual receives a ticket, they must show up in court to defend their case.  However, when a person is represented by a speeding ticket lawyer, the attorney (usually) can appear on their behalf in court without the person needing to be present.  At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we can aggressively fight your charges without you having to waste a day in court or miss work.
  • Save Your Driving Record. Individuals with demerit points on their driving records typically pay higher insurance premiums.  We have a reputation for being able to successfully argue for a waiver of demerit points, which could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Don’t Pay Too Much!  Hire a Russell County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Today!

Speeding tickets in Russell County, Virginia can leave you with hefty fines, demerit points, criminal charges, and long-term insurance costs, all of which can usually be avoided by hiring an experienced speeding ticket lawyer.  If you received a speeding ticket, call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn how we may be able to save you time and money on penalties.

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