Located in southwestern Virginia, Montgomery County was named after American Revolutionary War general Richard Montgomery, who was killed in battle in 1775.  Today, Montgomery County has a population of approximately 100,000, and is the proud home to Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg.

Montgomery County is crossed by two major highways.  It is bisected by Interstate 81, which runs from the southwest of the county to the northeast.  Additionally, US Highway 460 runs from the northern part of the county in a mostly southerly direction, curving around downtown Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, until it meets with I-81 in the southern middle of the county.

I-81 is a heavily-trafficked US East/West interstate, while US 460 is a major local highway used primarily by local commuters as well as students and others going to and from Virginia Tech.  Both of these highways are fruitful ground for the police with respect to issuing speeding and reckless driving tickets.

Speeding May Be Reckless Driving

Often, motorists on these highways may be issued tickets for traveling in excess of 85 miles per hour.  What motorists (especially those not from Virginia) may not realize is that receiving a ticket for going 86 miles or more in Virginia is not just a speeding ticket – it is a ticket for reckless driving.

In Virginia, reckless driving is considered to be a criminal misdemeanor offense.  The penalties that may be assessed with a conviction are quite harsh.  For example, a conviction can lead to:

  • A fine up to $2,500
  • Loss of driving privileges for six months
  • Assessment of six points on the driving record
  • Possible incarceration

It Often Pays to Fight Your Ticket

The immediate consequences of a conviction or guilty plea of speeding and reckless driving can be harsh.  Additionally, the long-term consequences can also include higher insurance premiums and increased points, with the possibility that the next infraction could subject a driver to more severe consequences (such as the possible loss of a license).  Don’t let your ticket go unchallenged!

Fixed Fee Representation and Credit Cards Accepted

We represent clients charged with speeding and reckless driving, and accept credit card payments.  In most cases, we can appear on your behalf in court, so that you will not need to take time away from work or your busy schedule.

Why You Need to Contact the Law Offices of Mark Hurt Today

Our firm is comprised of experienced speeding and reckless driving ticket defense attorneys who know how to effectively represent clients in and around Montgomery County.   We regularly appear before local courts, and extensively interact with the prosecution, judges, and even law enforcement.

With this familiarity, we are knowledgeable in developing strategies for seeking the best outcome possible for our clients.  We know the policies often implemented by the prosecution, as well as how judges typically rule in response to different fact patterns.

How Our Attorneys and Legal Team Can Help You

In Montgomery County, there are different ways to get a speeding ticket or reckless driving charge reduced or dismissed.

One way is to seek a plea bargain with the prosecution, and approval from the judge.  Another way (while not frequently used) is to demand a trial and seek a “not guilty” determination. Of course, if our client was not speeding, we will not hesitate to vigorously assert that defense in court.

While the circumstances of each case are important in determining the outcome, we have been successful in obtaining a reduction or dismissal in many speeding ticket cases, even without an argument that the driver was traveling within the speed limit.

If you or a family member was issued a traffic ticket, whether it be a speeding ticket or reckless driving charge, in Montgomery County or in nearby counties, contact our law firm today by calling 276-623-0808 for a free, confidential consultation.

Out-of-State motorists, including motorists who reside in Tennessee, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina: Our legal team can appear in court on your behalf without needing you to travel back to Virginia for a court hearing.

Do not wait any longer to take action. Be proactive and relieve your concerns about this speeding ticket or reckless driving charge.  Call or contact us – even at night or on a weekend – to get started.

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“The law office exceeded my expectations by getting my reckless driving charge dismissed. Important things to note: The receptionist Carol was extremely amiable and even pushed the trial back a few months since I found them literally a day before my court date.”
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