Speeding Ticket Lawyer Wytheville, VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer Wytheville, VA 

Difference Between a Reckless Driving Ticket And a Speeding Ticket

At first glance, a speeding ticket and a reckless driving ticket might appear very similar. In fact, if a law enforcement officer did not arrest you for reckless driving, he or she likely gave you a sheet of paper that told you where you should go to court to fight your driving infraction. If your officer did not make it clear which ticket they gave you, there are a few things you can do in order to determine if you got a reckless driving ticket for speeding or “just” a speeding ticket.

Once you determine what kind of ticket you were issued, you will be able to speak with an experienced Wytheville, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer about your infraction. Once your lawyer learns the details of your situation, you will be able to begin working to create a solid legal defense to either your simple speeding or reckless driving charges.

What Are the Differences Between the Two?

Even if you have only been charged with driving too fast, it may benefit you to speak with a Wytheville, VA speeding ticket lawyer. Although speeding infractions are not always serious, they can result in hefty fines, points off your driver’s license and spikes in your insurance premiums. Mounting a defense to a speeding ticket can take a bit of time and effort up front but save you a great deal of money in the long run.

If a police officer has charged you with reckless driving for speeding, however, the potential consequences are significantly more serious and the need to speak with a speeding ticket lawyer in Wytheville, VA is that much more urgent. The law typically categorizes reckless driving—even for speeding—as a misdemeanor. In more serious cases the officer may charge you with a felony. This could mean:

  • A permanent criminal record
  • Jail time
  • Large fines
  • Driving improvement courses, and
  • License suspension

How Do You Know Which Ticket Is Which?

The officer who pulled you over or showed up to the scene should have clearly told you if they were charging you with reckless driving or if they were simply giving you a speeding ticket. However, nerves run high after an officer pulls you over and you may have missed what they said. If this is the case, you can look at the summons or the ticket they gave you.

If they charged you with reckless driving, this should be clearly written under the “charge” section of a summons. Additionally, the officer likely crossed off the area of the paper where you have the option to pre-pay. Please consider connecting with a speeding ticket lawyer in Wytheville, VA regardless of which kind of ticket you have received, but certainly if you have been charged with reckless driving.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Charged with Reckless Driving?

If the officer charged you with reckless driving, you should take this reality even more seriously than you would if cited with a speeding ticket. After you have given yourself time to regroup, please consider calling the experienced Wytheville, VA speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt to review your case and discuss your best defense options. You should always go into court prepared—to the best of your ability—and this starts with the right legal representation. Call our office today to set up your consultation.