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We Work Tenaciously in Defending CDL Holders When Their Ability to Drive is At Stake

CDL Speeding Tickets Lawyer Roanoke, VAWe greatly appreciate the hard work provided by commercial interstate truck drivers in delivering food, household products, and a wide variety of other items to all of us.  Driving is difficult, and it requires compliance with state laws, as well as the federal regulations (the “Interstate Trucking Regulations”) developed under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (“FMCSA”).

If You’ve Been Charged with a Driving or Regulatory Violation, We’re Available to Help – 24/7

As Roanoke, Virginia CDL lawyers, we defend commercial interstate truck drivers from traffic and FMCSA violations, including those involving;

  • Speeding and Reckless Driving,
  • Non-Compliance with the Hours of Services regulations, including alleged violations concerning mandatory rest breaks,
  • Regulations concerning alcohol consumption before or while driving
  • Regulations concerning illegal drug (controlled substance) use,
  • The failure to comply with required alcohol or controlled substances tests
  • The failure to comply with post-accident testing,[7]
  • Safety measures, including mandatory load inspections,
  • Regulatory compliance (including Record of Duty Status, or “RODS”, through an Electronic Logging Device (or “ELD”),
  • Weight and safety regulations,
  • Charges of intoxicated or impaired driving, and
  • Other driving laws or regulations.

Working to Secure the Best Outcome Possible

The conviction of a moving violation or the violation of FMCSA regulations can be severe.  In addition to fines and other penalties that may be imposed under state law (such as potential incarnation for drunk driving), FMCSA regulations require that drivers and companies notify FMCSA for nearly all types of moving violations.  Depending upon the infraction, drivers can be subject to being placed “out-of-service”, in which their ability to drive will be suspended.  In some cases, drivers can permanently lose their ability to drive.

Why Retain Us for a Charge that Could Impact Your CDL?

Our team is available 24/7 to take your call.  We offer:

  • A Free Consultation. We know that even speeding tickets impact interstate commercial drivers much differently that non-commercial drivers.  If you’ve been cited for a traffic or FMCSA violation, don’t spend nights worrying about the potential consequences that such charge may have.  Call us to schedule a free consultation, and to put your mind at rest, and learn how we can help you.
  • Fixed Fees and Credit Card Acceptance. We understand that in addition to the anxiousness that can arise regarding the outcome of a charge, many people are anxious about calling an attorney for help, often because of the fear of unknown fees.  This is not the case at our firm.  When we meet and learn about your case, we can discuss our fee with you, which will depend upon the nature of your case.  In most instances, we offer fixed fees, and we also offer clients the option of paying by credit card.
  • Let Us Appear in Court on Your Behalf. In most instances in cases involving state law traffic violations, we are able to appear in court on behalf of our clients without the necessity of the them also appearing.  This can save you time and money, especially if you’re not a Virginia resident.

Our Experience

If you’ve been charged with a traffic infraction or regulatory violation, you deserve tenacious, dedicated representation.

Firm founder Mark Hurt provides dedicated representation to all clients.  Mark is a Duke Law School honors graduate, and has more than 30 years of legal practice as a trial lawyer.  Mark has represented clients before state and federal trial and appellate courts, including two cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Get Started Today!

We would look forward to speaking with you about any ticket or CDL/FMCSA violation that you may have received, and discussing with you how we can help protect your rights and your ability to work as a commercial interstate driver.

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