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Over 28 miles of Interstate 81 snake their way through Smyth County, Virginia.  The drivers on that stretch of I-81, most of them out-of-state, are prime targets for ticketing for speeding by the State Police.  A ticket for speeding 86 mph or over is a ticket for reckless driving in Virginia — a shock to most out-of-state drivers.   In Virginia, reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor.  A reckless driving conviction in Virginia creates a permanent criminal record.

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The Law Offices Of Mark T. Hurt has its main office in Abingdon, Virginia, only 30 minutes on I-81 from the traffic court in which your ticket will be adjudicated — Smyth County General District Court in Marion, Virginia.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt have represented hundreds of clients who have received speeding tickets in Smyth County.   They know the policeman who gave you the ticket.  And they know the judge who will adjudicate it.  More importantly, they know the policies of the judge as to what circumstances and for what reasons he will reduce or even dismiss a speeding or reckless driving ticket.

How We Can Help You

Although the individual circumstances of each ticket will determine its outcome, our attorneys have been able use their experience and knowledge to obtain substantial reductions or dismissals of the speeding tickets of their clients in the vast majority of cases.  And this is true even of reckless driving tickets — many are dismissed outright.    Sometimes a clean driving record will make the difference.  Sometimes the willingness of the client to go to an eight-hour driving school is a determining factor.  Our attorneys will formulate and implement a strategy tailored to your specific circumstances that will maximize the odds of getting the best relief possible for you. 

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Smyth County Speeding & Reckless Driving LawyerIf you have received a ticket for speeding or reckless driving in Smyth County, call us at 276-623-0808 for a free telephone consultation. We have  friendly, knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyers who are waiting to talk with you and answer any questions you have.  With no commitment on your part, learn about your options, and more detail as to how we can help you. We will quote you an affordable flat fee.  We also take payments by credit or debit cards, making it easy to go forward.   As soon as you choose us to represent you, we will inform the court.  A great weight will then be lifted from your shoulders.  You will then be confident that you have taken the right step in protecting your license, your car insurance and your good name.

Are You an Out-of-State Driver? 

Good news – in most cases, if we represent you, you will not need to return to Virginia to be present at your hearing. Instead, we will appear on your behalf.   We represent hundreds of out-of-state drivers calling from states ranging from Maine to California to Florida and Texas.

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“Mark and his staff did a fantastic job representing me for a speeding ticket and walked me through the process. I live out of state, so having this support saved me a trip back in addition to getting the charge reduced. Mark’s staff even found an appropriate driving school for me to attend locally. Thanks, Mark, for all the help and guidance!” – Elizabeth B.

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Frankie was the best. She helped me mentally, lawfully, she communicates and I appreciate her. I would never ever contact anyone else other than her if I’m ever in a situation in VA and if this law firm can cross state lines I would pay them! I felt so secure and safe! Thanks so much!
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