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Buchanan County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Wondering Whether Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Is Worth It? The Answer Is Yes

Thousands of drivers all across American roadways get tickets for this reason or that reason every single day. Perhaps the ticketing officer believed any given driver ran a red light, had been speeding, failed to use their signal, or something else that constitutes as a traffic violation. Those who have previously received a traffic ticket like this are aware of just how frustrating and expensive these citations can be. Not only that, but a driver may face other consequences like losing their license, serving jail time, and having points added to their record when they receive a ticket.

Thankfully, it is possible to fight a traffic ticket with the assistance of a Buchanan County speeding ticket lawyer. However, many drivers understandably wonder whether hiring one is a sound investment. Why schedule a consultation with an experienced Buchanan County speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt? Let us count the ways…

What exactly do traffic ticket lawyers do?

Different lawyers often focus on one area of law. A lawyer who only helps people with traffic tickets is likely to understand the legal jargon more than anyone else, in addition to understanding how to identify errors in the case and use them to their client’s advantage. 

How can a traffic ticket lawyer help me?

Traffic ticket lawyers mainly handle moving violations. A driver may have to pay a hefty fine, serve jail time and have points added to their record for breaking the rules of the road. It isn’t uncommon for that driver’s insurance company to also raise the fee for vehicle coverage after finding out about the additional points on driving record. However, a Buchanan County speeding ticket lawyer can strategize to figure out how to prevent the worst case scenario from happening. In some circumstances, the ticket may be dropped entirely. 

What alternatives may a traffic ticket lawyer negotiate for on my behalf?

One of the most common alternatives for a moving violation is negotiating that the driver attends traffic school. The benefits of completing a driving school course is that it can help you get the ticket dismissed, points could be removed from your record, and it may lower your car insurance rate.

Your Buchanan County speeding ticket lawyer can talk with you about how likely it is that your ticket may be dismissed. There are various tactics that your lawyer may recommend. For example, if you fight the ticket in court, the officer may not show up. You could also accept a plea deal for a different violation, but that is categorized as less serious than the original offense. Some drivers may agree to partake in a probationary period as well, depending on the type of offense.

But isn’t it going to cost me money to hire a traffic ticket lawyer?

Considering the amount of money you could lose over time if you have to pay fees and an inflated insurance rate for several years, the cost of hiring a Buchanan County speeding ticket lawyer can certainly be worth it. 

Speeding in Buchanan County

Many drivers receive speeding and reckless driving tickets from Virginia State Police as they drive along U.S. Route 460, an east-west highway that stretches from Lexington, Kentucky to the Gulf of Mexico. Route 460 cuts through Buchanan County, a mostly rural county in southwestern Virginia and is the county’s chief highway.

Many speeding tickets are also issued to motorists in the Town of Grundy by the town police.  The Town of Grundy has a tiny population – a little under 1,000 people. The town has multiple changes in speed limits and school zones that can likewise trap an inattentive driver.

Speeding and reckless driving tickets received in Buchanan County are adjudicated in Buchanan County General District Court in Grundy, which is the county seat. I have spent considerable time representing clients in this courthouse.  I routinely interact with the district court judge, the assistant commonwealth attorney who prosecutes traffic offenses, and law enforcement officers who issue the tickets as part of my practice. Often, in representing clients, I will seek opportunities for traffic ticket dismissal or reduced charges, which may, for example, include attending traffic school in order to get a charge dismissed.

If a motorist gets a bad result in the General District Court, he has a right to appeal the decision to Buchanan County Circuit Court.

Don’t Pay Your Ticket Without First Contacting Me to Learn How I May Be Able to Help

If you have received a speeding or reckless driving ticket in Buchanan County, do not go it alone. Call 276-623-0808 to talk to me for a free consultation to discuss your options. In most cases, I can appear in court on a client’s behalf, so that work does not need to be missed, and I accept credit cards for payment of legal fees.

The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt are located in Abingdon, Virginia, which is located off of Interstate I-81, roughly an hour from Buchanan County General District Court.

The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt are located in Abingdon, Virginia, which is located off of Interstate I-81, roughly an hour from Buchanan County General District Court.

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