Carroll County VA Traffic Lawyer

Carroll County VA Traffic Lawyer

Our Carroll County VA Traffic Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

The traffic lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt represents drivers in Carroll County VA who have been charged with one or more traffic offenses. Even so-called minor offenses can be serious and lead to long term consequences. Whether you were charged with a minor moving violation or a criminal offense such as DUI, you need the experience and insight of a trusted legal representative. Contact us now to speak with a seasoned Carroll County VA traffic lawyer who will review your case at no charge to help you determine how to proceed. Protecting your rights while navigating the justice system is critical and without a traffic lawyer by your side, no one will have your best interests in mind.

Our Lawyer Can Represent You in Carroll County VA Traffic Court

One of the painful aspects of being charged with a moving violation is the requirement to appear in traffic court. Our traffic lawyer represents clients in traffic court so that they do not have to be present. This means they do not have to take time off from work and give their employer the reason for why they have to take a personal day. In some cases, the accused or their traffic lawyer will have to attend multiple court appearances in Carroll County VA and so not having to be there yourself each time can save you significant time, stress, and vacation days from work.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Our traffic lawyer has successfully helped many drivers in Carroll County VA keep their driving record clean. When your lawyer gets a traffic violation charge dropped, it’s as if the ticket or arrest never happened. This can result in the following:

·         Prevent the driver’s insurance premiums from increasing as they would after a conviction.

·         Prevent the driver from losing their driving privileges. This is especially important for those who rely on driving their vehicle to commute to work or who drive a vehicle as part of their job.

·         Prevent the driver from having to pay costly fines, attend mandatory traffic school, or install an expensive on-board breathalyzer device.

·         Prevent the driver from accruing points on their motor vehicle record.

The Benefits Our Traffic Lawyer Offers to Drivers in Carroll County VA

In addition to the above benefits, our traffic lawyer can help protect the futures of drivers in Carroll County VA. A conviction for a motor vehicle offense can be serious, and in some cases life-altering, particularly when the charge is a criminal offense. Some countries like Canada will not even allow persons with a DUI conviction on their record to visit. A criminal record can also inhibit access to suitable housing, jobs, loan approvals, or admissions to higher learning institutions. When a seasoned traffic lawyer from our firm represents drivers in Carroll County VA, they can feel confident that their future is in good hands.

To learn more about the legal services we offer, contact us today to discuss your case at no charge with our Carroll County VA traffic lawyer.

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