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Greensville County, VA Traffic Lawyer

Greensville County, VA Traffic Lawyer


A Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer, knows the trepidation that can occur during a routine traffic stop. Even if you do not realize the reason for the traffic stop, know that it’s likely that law enforcement has pulled you over for a reason. Whether you were speeding, unsafely passing did not correctly stop at a traffic sign, or failed to yield to a pedestrian, the consequence may result in a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are a great example of the consequences of driving on the road over the speed limit. However, what is also important to note, is that traffic tickets can be forgiven as well, and more legal matters do not always have to take place. This can happen, through factors such as the ticket being paid on time, or a person having a clean record, when it comes to how many tickets they got in the past. Now; whether you believe you did anything wrong or not, it may be in your best interest to consider the services of The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt. With their support, drivers have an opportunity to dispute the traffic ticket to avoid the possibility of additional points on their license. While many people will pay the ticket and move forward, it may be beneficial to consider speaking with a lawyer as they can provide guidance and answer the many questions you may have. 

There are different reasons, as to why accidents tend to happen on the road from which you can receive a ticket. Sometimes, it can be due to a driver driving under the influence. Other times, accidents can happen on the road, because someone is speeding, and they attempt to jump ahead of a car, run through a red light or a stop sign, etc. However, sometimes accidents can also happen, due to a mass amount of traffic. At times where there is a lot of traffic, with all the cars on the road and the unpredictability of people, there is a great chance for accidents to happen. An example of this, would be two people driving, with one of the people deciding to tailgate. However, because the individual is tailgating, there is a risk that the car in front of them would have to come to a sudden stop. If this happens, an accident that would cause a mass pile up, would run the risk of happening. When instances such as these happen, it is important to take legal action. A strong example of this, would be through a Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer to help your case and avoid any sort of traffic ticket you might have received no matter what happened.

What are the options after receiving a traffic ticket?

After a traffic ticket, it can seem as though the only option available is to pay the ticket and move on. However, remember that this may come with lasting consequences, such as increased insurance premiums and points on your driving record. Some alternatives may be available after a traffic ticket is issued. A lawyer may assist with contesting the ticket or having charges reduced. 

Why Do People End up Getting Traffic Tickets?

One of the biggest reasons, as to why individuals end up getting traffic tickets, is because of how careless they are one the road.  However, there is more to it, than merely going over the speed limit.  One of the reasons why people can also get tickets, is because they are being aggressive and reckless towards other drivers.  One of the strongest examples of this, would be road rage.  Road rage is when an individual is aggressive towards other drivers, such as through jumping ahead of them, trying to cut them off, and more.  However, road rage also relates to tailgating as well.  

What is Tailgating? And How Does it Relate to Traffic Accidents?

Tailgating is when another driver wants a driver ahead of them to speed up.  However, because they are impatient, usually instead of honking their horn, the driver will start to drive up close to the driver in front of them, being aggressive and trying to force them to go faster.  However, one of the biggest issues pertaining to this, is not just the aggressive factor, but also that being reckless, with tailgating being an example, can lead to accidents.  If an individual is driving close to another drive in front of them, and the driver in front has to suddenly put on the brakes, there could be consequences.  

What Are The Consequences That Could Arise From Tailgating Accidents, in Relation To Traffic? 

One of the biggest consequences that could take place would pertain to the driver having to suddenly put on the brakes, which would cause a collision for both drivers.  Moreover, if the street is a busy one, there could be more severe consequences, such as a pileup, due to the tailgating that took place.  Now; in relation to traffic, if there is a pile up, due to someone tailgating, the traffic lawyer situation at hand, would be much more difficult to handle.  The reason, is because there would be many more cases that traffic lawyers would have to deal with, in relation to the number of people involved, the number of people injured and/or dead, and more. 

Why Should a Person Have a Right To a Lawyer, When it Comes To Traffic Incidents?

The reason why a person needs to have a right to a lawyer, is because people have a right to fight for claims that they may feel are unfair.  THis is why when it comes to potential legal cases, people are stated that they not only have rights, but they also have the right to remain silent, because anything that they say can and will be used against them in a court of law.  As such, when it comes to traffic accidents, one of the most essential factors to always consider, is that it is important to collect evidence of the traffic incident that took place, so that people can make a strong case, when it comes to evidence that they want to present. 

What Determines How Much a Traffic Ticket Costs?

How much a traffic ticket costs, depends on the offense that took place.  This is especially true, when it comes to ticket warnings and how many tickets an individual has gotten in the past.  Moreover, in relation to the ticket offense, how much one can cost, also depends on various acts that a person committed, such as getting a traffic ticket, in relation to drinking and driving.  

Does a traffic ticket require making an appearance in court?

Whether you have to appear in court will depend upon the case’s specifics. Should you choose to plead guilty, you will pay the ticket and not be required to appear in court. While you may have to appear in court if you decide to fight the ticket with a Greensville County, Virginia traffic lawyer, you may not have to appear in court as they can represent you.  Overall, a traffic ticket sometimes requires making an appearance in court. One of the biggest reasons, is because when it comes to traffic tickets, usually needing to be in court, depend on the violation that occurred.  Also, factors such as whether someone has a DUI, or how many tickets the person got in the past, can play a major factor as well.  

What is a points system?

When convicted of a traffic violation, they will be assigned demerit points to their record. In Virginia, these points remain on their record for two years from when the ticket was issued. Each time a person receives a traffic violation, additional points are applied to their driving record. The number of points added can vary based upon the severity of the traffic violation. As these points add up, there can be more severe consequences. In addition to demerit points, safe driver points are available when a driver is free of violations for one year or after taking a safe driver’s course. 

Is it possible to have points removed from a driving record?

Too many points can impact a driver’s ability to retain their license; additionally, points on a license can affect how the judge views you should future infractions be received. Drivers can take a few steps; the first is to take a driver’s training course preemptively. If you have received a ticket and have several points on your record, it’s in your best to retain a lawyer who can help fight the ticket and potentially prevent additional demerit points on your record.  What some people fail to realize about traffic tickets, is that they can damage someone’s record, to the point where they are no longer allowed to drive.  Moreover, the reason why this is the case, is because constantly getting tickets, tells the law that someone does not deserve to drive, since they cannot obey the rules of the road.

What are reasons to fight a ticket?

After getting a ticket, you may be wondering if you should just pay the ticket and get it over with. But unfortunately, just because you paid the ticket doesn’t mean it goes away. In fact, most people experience an increase in their insurance rates after getting a ticket, especially if it isn’t the first driving offense. By fighting a ticket, even if the chances of winning seem slim, it still gives you better odds than not trying at all. Reasons you may want to fight a ticket include:

This is the first ticket you’ve ever gotten.

If you have never received a ticket before, then fighting this one will be important to protecting your driving record and keeping it clean for as long as you can. Those who have ticket-free driving records pay less auto insurance rates compared to those with a history of traffic violations. If you are a safe driver and don’t expect to get another ticket in the near future, it may be worth the time to dispute the ticket to prevent your record from being tarnished.

The officer caught the wrong driver.

It is possible that the police officer pulled over the wrong driver. There may have been something that hindered the officer’s full view, which caused them to be confused as to which driver committed the violation. Since there are so many vehicles out on the road that look alike, an officer can easily pull over the wrong person. Proving that you aren’t the driver who should get the ticket isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either, so consider speaking with a traffic ticket lawyer today for some guidance on the situation.

You already have points on your driving record.

In most states, there is a tracking points system that records the traffic violations. If you reside in one of these states, you may have been given a suspension of your license after accumulating a certain number of points. If that happens, you must fight each ticket that you receive thereinafter. If you are concerned about your driving record and are hoping to get a ticket dropped, contact a ticket lawyer for strategy. 

Four Other Legal Issues that Could Be Impacted by a Traffic Ticket

One of the many reasons why it could be to your benefit to work with a Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt is that incurring a traffic ticket citation on your driving record could impact more than just your wallet. While paying a traffic ticket generally doesn’t cost much, having this mark on your record could result in unintended negative consequences in other areas of your life. Four other legal issues that could be impacted by a traffic ticket include:

  1. Employment – depending on what kind of work you do, getting a traffic ticket could get you in trouble with your employer or could even lead to your termination. If you are unsure of whether a traffic ticket could impact your employment, know that a Greensville County traffic lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt would be happy to review the terms of your employment contract and advise you as to whether having a traffic ticket on your record could be consequential for your livelihood.  
  2. Insurance Contracts – depending on the terms of your insurance contract, incurring a traffic ticket could either violate your insurance agreement as it stands or could lead to a rise in your premiums. As a result, the true cost of a traffic ticket could be far more significant over time than it seems to be at first glance. Say that your insurance premiums go up $20 per month as a result of your ticket. You will end up paying hundreds more each year due to your alleged infraction. Spending a little money to fight your ticket now could save you money in the end.
  3. Family Law Disputes – if you and your child’s other parent are having a disagreement about custody or you have certain provisions within your parenting plan that pertain to travel, incurring a traffic ticket could place you in hot water with your ex and could even place you in hot water with a family law judge. For example, if your ex insists that you drive irresponsibly with your kids in the car and you are trying to fight against that allegation as part of a broader custody battle, incurring a traffic ticket could bolster your ex’s claims.
  4. Probation – while it is rare that incurring a traffic ticket would violate the terms of someone’s probation, it isn’t unheard of. A probation violation could land you in jail. If you are on probation and your recent traffic ticket could lead to the loss of your freedom, connect with our firm immediately.

If you have been questioning whether connecting with the experienced legal team at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt will be worth your time and effort, consider the ways in which many areas of your life could be affected if you don’t work to remove your recent traffic ticket from your driving record. In the event that our Greensville County traffic lawyer team can help to make your life easier, we’d certainly like to be afforded the opportunity to try.

Four other legal issues that could be impacted by a traffic ticket

The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt

But, maybe you aren’t just worried about tickets — maybe you’ve been in an accident. How would a traffic attorney help then? What a traffic lawyer would aid in doing, is they would assess the situation from an in depth perspective. Examples of questions that they would ask, would pertain to who was involved in the traffic accident, were there any injuries suffered, the damage to the car or cars that was done, and more. What this aids in doing, is helps to demonstrate how and why each case should be handled differently. Moreover, when it comes to accidents and cases, they would be handled in a way that encourages different types of cases. A strong example of this, is demonstrated through The Law Offices of Mark T Hurt. Cases focus on personal injury within accidents, disability, different types of vehicle accidents, and more. This kind of work for any legal business, helps to branch out and build an audience, where there is a strong focus on different case types. Contact us today if you need a traffic lawyer.

On the other hand if you’ve received a ticket, at this point, you probably just want the ticket problem to be over and done with, but it may be worth fighting if there’s any chance it could get dropped or reduced. Tickets can add points to a driver’s record and cause them to lose money financially not only in the short-term with paying the ticket itself, but in the long term with insurance rates as well. The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can offer several advantages for those who have received traffic tickets. Traffic tickets may seem minor, but they can become a severe issue for those with multiple demerit points on their record. If you have received a ticket, it may be in your best interest to speak with a Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer to learn more about the proper course of action. 

How Should You Fight Your Speeding Ticket?

At the very least, dealing with a speeding ticket can be annoying. You may need to take time out of your day to go to court, you may need to use grocery money to pay off your ticket, or you could be annoyed that you were late getting into the office when you were stopped for your ticket. However, speeding tickets can be more than just annoying. If you have other speeding tickets on your record, you may be worried that you need to attend a driving class, will get your license suspended, or could be worried that your insurance premiums will go up. Whatever your reason for not wanting a speeding ticket, it can be helpful to work with an attorney who can walk you through the different options of what you can do to fight this ticket. 

How do you know if it’s the right time to fight a speeding ticket? 

Many people assume that a speeding ticket is not worth fighting. In fact, if you can pay it and avoid going to court, that is probably the best move, right? Not necessarily. When you pay your speeding ticket, you are automatically admitting that you were guilty of speeding, whether you were or not. If you are okay with admitting this guilt and paying a fine, then you can avoid going to court. However, if you are willing to fight your speeding ticket, you can do so with the help of a lawyer, like a speeding ticket lawyer in Greensville County, VA from a law firm like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt.  

What are speeding ticket defenses? 

When you choose to fight your speeding ticket, there are a few different arguments you may present. 

  • The presumed limit. With this defense, you can choose to argue that you were not exceeding the speed limit posted on the road or you can argue that while you may have been speeding, you were going at a speed limit that was safe based on external factors, like traffic conditions or the weather. 
  • Absolutely speed limit. With this defense, you are trying to break down the accusations that the officer is presenting. This means you may say you were not actually speeding, the radar gun the police officer was using was not calibrated properly, or the officer incorrectly assumed you were speeding when it was someone else. 

Should you work with a lawyer? 

Often, people think they do not need to work with a lawyer after they are given a speeding ticket because they assume a speeding ticket is not that big of a deal. However, a speeding ticket can greatly affect things like your insurance and, in some instances, your job. If you are concerned that a speeding ticket on your driving record could cause issues with your work or insurance, it is important to work with a lawyer you can rely on. Reach out to a local office today to get help from a lawyer you can trust. 

What is a notice to appear?

You may have received a traffic ticket for equipment violation or minor driving offense. These kinds of tickets are reviewed and handled in traffic court. The ticket itself will have information about how you can respond to it and which county court will be handling your case, among other details. As your Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can answer, once the court processes your ticket, they will send you a notice to appear, which tells you how to pay the fine, what the fine is, how to contest the ticket, and your due date.

Can I just ignore the ticket?

Typically, you will have the choice to pay the ticket but not contest it, or contest the ticket in court. By contesting the ticket, you are asking for a trial hearing, in which you will state to the court that you are pleading not guilty. If eligible, you may be given the option to attend traffic school instead of paying the ticket. And if you got a fix-it ticket, you can submit proof that you addressed the problem. As your Greensville County speeding ticket lawyer would advise, it is not recommended that you just ignore the ticket. If you do so, it can cause the ticket to accumulate in price and result in further consequences later.

Does asking for fines to be reduced ever work?

If you did not attend court by the listed deadline or did not pay, you can ask the court to reschedule. But you must send in this request as soon as you can, otherwise, you may risk losing your opportunity to state your case in court. If you are unable to afford the fines, you may ask the court to reduce it because of the financial hardship it would cause. The court may choose to allow more time for you to pay, lower the fine, or have you fulfill community service instead.

Why should I try to fight my ticket?

There are many reasons why you would want to fight your ticket. Firstly, you may be at risk of losing your privilege to drive if you get too many points on your DMV record within a certain period of time. Your insurance rates may also go up, usually for a few years, and you may end up losing your ability to earn money if your employment relies on you having a clean driving record. With help from a Greensville County speeding ticket lawyer, you may be able to have your ticket reduced or dropped, in which you won’t have to worry about it affecting your future.

Is it necessary to hire a traffic ticket lawyer?

You can elect to pay your ticket or fight it without a lawyer. It is not required that you hire a lawyer, but it can prove beneficial to do so. If you pay the ticket, then you are basically admitting fault (unless you have the option to attend driving school). If you attempt to fight it, you may find that the entire process is confusing and not set up for an outcome in your favor. The officer and the court handling your ticket have the advantage because they know how processing tickets work. As your Greensville County speeding ticket lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark H. Hurt may forewarn, unless you have someone to guide you through and use some strategy on your behalf, you may risk losing your case and having to pay the ticket anyway.


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