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Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Greensville County, VA


Speeding Ticket Lawyer - Greensville County, VASpeeding Ticket Lawyer – Greensville County, VA


The odds are often against you in traffic court. The officer who issued you the citation may have more credibility with the court, and the judge almost certainly knows more about the law than you do. Successfully fighting a traffic citation is not impossible, but it does require careful strategizing with an experienced Greensville County, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer. Not only are there specific things that you can do to help your case, there are also certain behaviors that you should avoid because they might hurt you. When working with The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt to fight your traffic ticket, you’ll likely be asked to keep the following things in mind. While your Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer will speak on your behalf in court, the judge may want to speak to you and you need to be prepared for that possibility. 

Arguments To Avoid


There are a number of arguments that people attempt to use in traffic court that are simply not effective. Not only do they not help your case, they may actually make matters worse. Unless your Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer tells you otherwise, it is best to avoid them altogether.


  1.  “The Officer Is Lying”

Unless you have specific proof of the officer making a false statement, do not attempt to use this argument. The officer has more standing with the court and thus is the one that the judge is more likely to believe.

  1.  “Other People Were Doing the Same Thing”

The term for this is “selective enforcement”; more than one violator was performing the same illegal act at approximately the same time, but for whatever reason, the officer chose to pick on you. Unfortunately, this argument confirms to the judge that you were, in fact, doing something wrong. The actions of others are irrelevant.

  1.  “No One Got Hurt”

The fact that your wrongful actions or inactions didn’t cause any harm to yourself or anyone else doesn’t make them any less illegal.

  1.  “I Didn’t Know It Was Illegal”

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. This is a principle that goes back thousands of years.

In addition to these specific arguments, you should also avoid trying to spin a tale of woe in an attempt to gain the judge’s pity. As a best-case scenario, this may reduce your fine, but the judge may also doubt your honesty, especially if he or she has already heard a number of stories like yours.

Behaviors To Avoid


In addition to avoiding certain hopeless arguments, it is also important to show respect for the court through your dress and deportment. Avoid the following behaviors when appearing in traffic court:

  • Tardiness
  • Inappropriate clothing (tank tops, short-shorts, etc.)
  • Interruptions while others are talking (this includes while waiting in the audience while another trial is going on)
  • Disrespect for officers of the court (yelling, profanity, etc.)
  • Gum chewing

Though not required, it is often a good idea to hire a Greensville County, VA speeding ticket lawyer to represent you in traffic court. The complexity of the law makes it difficult to mount a successful defense without extensive legal training and experience. Call our office today for more information.

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