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If this is your first traffic ticket, you may want to speak with The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, a traffic violation law firm Hillsville, Virginia residents trust. In most situations, you’ll simply pay the ticket and go to traffic school so you don’t end up with points on your record. Other situations require additional steps and more serious legal issues that a traffic lawyer Hillsville, VA offers can help you with. Not sure what to do after receiving your first traffic ticket? The following should help!

Signing Your Ticket

Some drivers are mistaken in thinking when they sign their ticket they are admitting guilt. All that signing a ticket means is you agree to take care of the ticket by either paying it with the help of a Hillsville traffic violation law firm or disputing it. If the officer asks you to sign a ticket and you refuse, you could get arrested right then.

Going to Court

Unless you choose to fight the ticket, most moving violation traffic tickets do not require a court appearance. Some situations that may require a visit to court include:

  • If you went 30 miles per hour or more over the speed limit
  • If your driving was considered reckless
  • If you caused an accident that resulted in a fatality or serious injury

Going to Traffic School

If this is indeed your first traffic ticket, you might have the possibility of attending traffic school. When you receive a completion certificate, your driving record points will be reduced. Our traffic violation law firm in Hillsville, VA knows that this can benefit you in multiple ways including keeping your driver’s insurance premium lower. There are some states that allow you to attend traffic school for a second or third offense if the occurrences are within a certain time frame. In most cases, you are not required to attend as it is optional.

Paying Your Ticket

If you don’t plan to dispute your ticket, you should get it paid as soon as possible. There should be a due date for which you have to pay for the ticket. Failing to pay it on time could result in a driver’s license suspension, a warrant for your arrest, denial of traffic school, or other fines that are required.

Hiring a traffic violation law firm in Hillsville, Virginia

Especially if your plan is to dispute the ticket, you should contact a traffic ticket lawyer. A lawyer could also help you avoid having to go to traffic school or paying the consequence for a more serious crime than was actually committed. If your case doesn’t require the assistance of an attorney, a traffic ticket lawyer may still give you some legal advice.

Getting Started

After receiving your traffic ticket, it’s best to contact a lawyer so you can get started with the process right away. Whether you choose to dispute or are planning to go to traffic school, a traffic violation law firm Hillsville, Virginia knows like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can help.

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