Mecklenburg County is located on the southern border of Virginia with Boydton being the county’s seat. The roadways within the county include highly trafficked Interstate 85 along with Route 1 and Route 57 cutting through the state. Along these roadways, the commonwealth’s traffic laws are strictly enforced by both county and state police.

Have You Been Cited for Speeding or Reckless Driving in Mecklenburg County?

Mecklenburg Speeding Ticket and Reckless Driving Attorney LawyerIf you have been charged with a speeding or reckless driving charge, it is crucial to understand that this can be a very serious charge. Under Virginia law, being charged with reckless driving is classified as a class 1 misdemeanor. However, if you are charged with driving 20 mph over the speed limit, or if you are charged with driving more than 85 mph, the speeding charge is actually a reckless driving charge.

The benefits of hiring a traffic attorney include:

  • Avoiding a court appearance. In most cases, we can appear in court on your behalf, so you won’t even need to travel to the courthouse.
  • Avoiding increased insurance premiums. Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket (especially reckless driving) can result in increased insurance premiums. Retaining a lawyer and challenging your ticket can result in avoiding increased insurance premiums if a better outcome can be obtained.
  • Maintain Security Clearances. If you have a government security clearance, a reckless driving conviction could threaten not only your security clearance, but also your job. Hiring an experienced traffic attorney is the best option in seeking to avoid these outcomes.
  • Keep Driving Privileges. With a more serious charge, hiring a traffic attorney can help in providing a vigorous defense aimed at keeping your driving privileges.

Why Choose our firm to represent you for your traffic charge?

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, you are not a number. For the past 25 years, our firm has been dedicated to providing tenacious representation for each and every client. Our standard is excellence; and as a client you can expect our utmost efforts to achieve the best result possible.
We represent clients in traffic ticket matters on an affordable, fixed fee basis, so that you do not need to be concerned with an unexpected large legal fee. We also accept payment by credit card.

How to Contest a Virginia Speeding or Reckless Driving Ticket – What Happens?

In Virginia, for every traffic ticket there will be a specified time limit in which the ticket itself must be paid or contested. In some cases, a court appearance may be required – either by you or your attorney. If we are retained, we are typically able to represent clients in court; if this is allowed for your ticket, we can appear on your behalf.

Virginia traffic tickets – including speeding and reckless driving tickets – should never be ignored, even if you don’t live in Virginia. Long gone are the days when out-of-state traffic tickets didn’t catch up with drivers. With the connected law enforcement data bases, drivers should assume that unpaid tickets, missed court dates, and other matters will show up if they are subsequently pulled over in another state.

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We represent both Virginia and non-Virginia residents in contesting speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic tickets. In most cases, we can represent you in court so that you may not even need to appear.

If you were issued a traffic ticket in Mecklenburg County or elsewhere in Virginia, we invite you to call us at 276-623-0808 for a free consultation to learn how we can help in seeking a better outcome than pleading guilty.

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