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Speeding Ticket Lawyer In Wytheville, VA

Speeding Ticket Lawyer Wytheville, VA

When you get a speeding ticket, you need the help of a speeding ticket lawyer in Wytheville, VA from the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt. When you are driving down the road, you may not be aware that you are doing anything wrong. All of a sudden, you see those flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror and you begin to panic. What is the first thing you should do? Clearly, it is pull over. You know you need to be respectful with the police officer, even if you aren’t sure you did anything wrong. The police officer tells you that you were speeding, writes you a ticket, and tells you that you can either pay it online or show up to court if you’d like to fight it. For many people, they will likely choose the first option because they would prefer not to have to take time off of work or school to go to court and argue when they likely won’t win. However, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, it can be incredibly helpful to go to court, especially when you have a Wytheville, VA speeding ticket lawyer on your side to fight with you. Don’t settle for damaging your driving record. Call us today to see how we can help.

What damage can a speeding ticket do?

Speeding tickets can do more damage than many people might think. For example, they can:

  • Cost You Money Upfront. When it comes to paying the ticket instead of going to court, you will pay upfront for something you may not have done.
  • Cost Money Even After You Pay. Unfortunately, many people’s car insurance goes up significantly after they have received a ticket. This can mean hundreds of dollars.
  • Affect Your Driving Record. While it depends on which state you are in, your ticket can mean negative points on your driving record which can really add up over the years. If you have multiple tickets, a court or the DMV may even suspend your driver’s license.

A Wytheville, VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer Advises on What to do When you are Pulled Over

When a police officer pulls you over, there are any number of things that you could do. The best things to do to help out your case are:

Ask Questions. This should always be done respectfully, but ask the police officer who pulled you over what tool they used to determine if you were speeding.

Speak Minimally. Anything you say could be used against you when the police officer takes you to court, so you would have a better outcome if you say as little to the police officer as possible.

Don’t Argue. Whatever you do, don’t argue with the police officer, even if you are certain that you weren’t speeding. When you argue, not only are you being disrespectful, but the police officer will be more likely to remember your situation.

Takes Notes. When you have the opportunity, take notes of the situation and exactly what occurred. This can be incredibly helpful when you discuss the ticket with your attorney.

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If a police officer has given you a speeding ticket, reach out to a Wytheville, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt today.

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