Speeding Ticket Lawyer Emporia, VA

Never Thought of Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer? Here’s Why You Should!

As a leading speeding ticket lawyer in Emporia, VA, we, at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, understands that getting a traffic ticket is no fun. You hear a police siren behind you with lights flashing, have to pull over, and show your identification and registration. Then, you may be handed a slip to sign that says you are receiving a ticket for this reason or that. Perhaps the officer believes you ran a stop sign, speeding, or otherwise operating your vehicle in a way that broke the rules of the road. 

Those who have never considered hiring a speeding ticket lawyer in Emporia, VA for help, may want to take a read through this article. You may be convinced to contact a lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt  once you hear about all the reasons why you should! 

We Understand Traffic Laws Very Well

We know that traffic laws may not seem very complicated at first. If you violate a driving law then you get a ticket, pay it online or through the mail, then move on with your life. But, we understand the inner workings of getting a ticket, the possible consequences, and how to potentially get you out of facing serious repercussions!

The weight of the ticket doesn’t just go away after you pay for it. Your monthly insurance premiums can increase drastically and you may have a mark on your record for several years. You may be wondering what you can to get out of this ticket. Well, let an Emporia, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt  strategize for you! 

We Can Investigate Further

You may think that getting out of your ticket just isn’t possible. The cop may have been using a speed scanner device and pulled you over because you were going too fast. You may think that the cop has enough evidence against you to give you a hefty ticket. We are here to tell you that there is always a chance that the device wasn’t maintained or calibrated correctly, which led to a false speed reading. Or, the officer may have been operating the device in an area that he or she wasn’t permitted to. But, it can be quite difficult to uncover these details unless you ask for help from a speeding ticket lawyer in Emporia, VA at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt

We Can Fight for an Alternative Discipline

A large number of traffic offenders are guilty. We don’t expect you to be completely innocent – this goes without saying that you might very well be innocent. However, by getting representation from us it can increase your chances of receiving a reduced penalty. If that isn’t possible because the prosecutor has strong evidence against you, then we can strive to negotiate an alternative discipline. We may suggest that, instead of paying a costly fine or having license suspended, that you attend driving school for a day. For some, going to school may sound dreadful. But, it can surely beat having to drain your bank account on a serious traffic ticket. 

Please contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Emporia, VA at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt about your traffic ticket, so we can begin working right away to hopefully get it dropped or the consequences minimized!