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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Brunswick County VA

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Brunswick County VATraffic Ticket Lawyer for Speeding & Reckless Driving

Police quotas are illegal in many states because they force law enforcement officers to issue tickets for marginal offenses unjustly; however, they are still permissible in Virginia. Not only are ticket quotas legal, according to a report, certain counties require police officers to issue a certain number of citations and make arrests each day through mandated performance standards. Consequently, these types of policies result in thousands of tickets being issued along highways 58 and 85 each year, eroding confidence in police discretion and objectivity.

Police officers should not be forced to issue tickets or make arrests, as this places emphasis on revenue generation over public service and leads to unwarranted citations. At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we have witnessed firsthand how destructive and unfair these policies can be, which is why we tenaciously fight for reduced charges and dismissals.

Serving residents of Brunswick County and throughout the surrounding communities, including Wesson, Lawrenceville Hills, Edgerton, Price Mill, Ezell, Diamond Grove, Fort Christanna, Sturgeon, Powellton, Meherrin, Emporia, and throughout South Virginia.

What Are the Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Virginia?

Moving violations generally carry hefty fines and significant penalties, including:

  • Points on a driving record
  • License revocation or suspension
  • Permanent misdemeanor or felony criminal charges
  • Jail time
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Expensive fines

Virginia traffic lawyer Mark Hurt regularly challenges traffic citations throughout Brunswick County and the surrounding areas, and has earned a reputation for being a tenacious litigator in seeking dismissals and reduced penalties for tickets. If you are issued a traffic citation, call our office to schedule a free consultation. We offer affordable fixed fees and accept credit card payments.

What Types of Traffic Cases Does The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt Handle?

Brunswick speeding and traffic lawyer Mark Hurt has over twenty-five years of litigation experience. He represents clients in nearly any type of traffic citation case, including those involving:

  • Speeding
  • Drag Racing
  • Fleeing the Scene of an Accident
  • Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving Without a License
  • Distracted Driving
  • Eluding the Police
  • Possession or Transportation of Alcohol
  • Refusing to Submit to Chemical Testing

Can Speeding by Considered Reckless Driving in Virginia?

Virginia has some of the strictest traffic laws and penalties in the country. For example, driving twenty miles over the speed limit (or driving more than 85 mph regardless of the speed limit) is considered reckless driving, which is a severe criminal offense in the state. If convicted, an individual could face:

  • A misdemeanor or felony criminal charge,
  • Six DMV points,
  • A six-month license revocation,
  • Incarceration up to one year, and
  • Up to $2,500 in fines.

Further, a conviction can be reported on a driving record for up to eleven years. Because traffic penalties can be significant, it is critical for those cited to consult with a Brunswick County traffic lawyer as soon as possible.

A Traffic Conviction Could Leave Points on Your Driving Record.

To deter repeat traffic offenders, Virginia uses a demerit points system. Every time an individual is convicted of a moving violation, the DMV does the following:

  • Posts the conviction on their driving record;
  • Assigns demerit points according to the severity of the offense;
  • Issues an order of suspension (if applicable);
  • Issues an order requiring the completion of a driving improvement clinic (if applicable); and
  • Notifies an insurance company (upon request).

The length of time that a conviction stays on a record depends on the severity of the violation. For example, a conviction for improper passing will be reported for three years, while a reckless driving charge stays on a record for eleven years.

How Much Are Speeding Fines in Brunswick County, Virginia?

Virginia works to actively curb speeding violations by imposing steep penalties. Typically, drivers pay $5.00 for every mile per hour that he or she is driving over the speed limit plus court fees. However, if a speeding charge is upgraded to reckless driving, a single violation could result in a fine of up to $3,000. If you are cited for excessive speeding or reckless driving, we urge you to call our office to schedule a free case evaluation, as we may be able to help you avoid these penalties.

Let Us Help You Contest Your Ticket!

At The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, we provide:

  • Fixed Fee Representation
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Representation in court on your behalf in most instances (so you will not need to take time off work)

Virginia traffic lawyer Mark Hurt has decades of legal practice experience and regularly represents clients facing excessive speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic tickets. We routinely appear on behalf of clients before the same prosecutors and judges. As such, we know how to best position client cases to obtain the best outcomes possible. Often, we can arrange a plea bargain (subject to the approval of the court) with a much better result than a guilty plea. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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