Traffic Lawyer Wythe County, VA

When you have received a traffic ticket, it is time to get the help of a traffic lawyer Wythe County, VA residents have relied on for years from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt. You may be concerned that there is no hope to get your traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. In fact, it’s only a traffic ticket. Do you even need a lawyer? Our team has helped many clients in the past with their traffic tickets get their charges reduced or dropped completely. While there is no guarantee of a specific outcome, we believe that you should be fully prepared when you go to court and you should never plead guilty outright. If you would like to see how our traffic lawyer can help you, give our office a call now.  

Should I go to traffic school and pay the ticket?

This can be hard because you may feel that if you sign up for traffic school and pay your traffic ticket, you can move on with your life. In fact, the police officer who charged you may urge you to pay the ticket or you may feel that it is what the court wants you to do. We encourage our clients to fight. You have the right to have your voice heard when it comes to a traffic ticket. It is up to the prosecution to show that you are guilty of the charges. 

Don’t assume you will be convicted of the charges. Instead, fight to get your charges dismissed. When this happens, you do not have to worry about traffic school, fines, or points on your driving record. 

Can I do this on my own? 

It is possible to win on your own. In some cases, the police officer who charged you with a traffic ticket may not show up to court and your case will be dropped. However, you cannot rely on this happening and you should not rely on any knowledge you read on the internet to get you through court. Instead, when you have help from a Wythe County, Virginia traffic lawyer, you know you are getting the representation you need from a team who has defended many people in your situation. 

If you have been charged with a traffic ticket and would like better odds at getting your charges reduced or dropped, speak with the traffic lawyer in Wythe County, Virginia from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt.