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If you’ve been charged with speeding in Virginia, here’s what you should know –

  • In Virginia, if you were charged with going 20 miles or more over the speed limit, this constitutes a charge of reckless driving, with increased fines, consequences, and severity.
  • Convictions or guilty pleas can not only result in fines or potentially the loss of license or even jail time, but also points on your record and possibly increases to your insurance premiums.
  • We routinely help clients get speeding and reckless driving charges dismissed or reduced.
  • You don’t need a “good excuse” to get a speeding ticket dismissed or reduced. A relatively clean record with no recent charges will be helpful.
  • In most cases we can represent you in court, so you won’t need to miss work.
  • We charge an affordable flat fee, and we accept credit cards.


Speeding Tickets in Wise County

Interstate 23 is one of the main highways through Wise County, entering on the north from Kentucky, then running south to Norton, and then curving in a south-westernly direction through East Stone Gap to the southwestern corner of the county.  As this highway cuts through a pristine part of the state, it’s easy for drivers to pay more attention to the views than to their speed.  As a result, this highway, and other state routes and roads through Wise County, make for ideal speed traps.

About Our Firm and How We Help Clients

We represent clients in speeding ticket, reckless driving, and other charges throughout Southwest Virginia.  As part of our practice, we regularly interact with the same judges, prosecutors, and police officers.

We know the prosecutors well, and they know that we will not hesitate to take the cases of our clients to court if a successful agreement is not reached.  As we appear before the same judges frequently, we also know the policies and circumstances that often will result in ticket dismissal.

Seeking the Best Outcome for You

We will start by learning the facts of your case.  After discussing the potential options for defending your ticket, we will then speak with the prosecutor and explain why we believe that your ticket should be dismissed, or why other reduced charges are appropriate.

In our experience, prosecutors generally do not want to take the time and expend the resources (including a police officer’s time) to take most speeding ticket cases to trial, as they will have more serious crimes to prosecute.  If an agreement for dismissal or a lesser charge is agreed upon by the prosecution (with your approval), the agreement is then submitted to the court for approval.

While we cannot make any promises to any clients, we do have a long record of being able to successfully get speeding tickets dismissed or much better outcomes for our clients than if a ticket was simply paid, particularly for clients who have good driving records.

What If I Was Going 20 Miles or More Over the Posted Speed?  You Should Understand that Your Charge Will be for Reckless Driving

If you are charged with going 20 miles or more over the posted speed (or over 85 miles per hour regardless of the speed limit), this constitutes reckless driving change in Virginia, which is more serious than simply speeding.

In Virginia, a reckless driving charge is considered a criminal misdemeanor, with potential penalties of a $2500 fine, the loss of a license for 6 months, 6 points added to a driving record, and possibly jail.  A conviction or guilty plea can also raise a person’s insurance premiums, and cause difficulty in the event of subsequent tickets, which can bring a person closer to a license suspension.

Because of the increased seriousness of the charge, we believe that those charged with reckless driving should always seek legal counsel.

We Also Have Obtained Favorable Results in Representing Those Charged with Reckless Driving as the Result of Excessive Speed

As with speeding tickets generally, we use our experience and tenacity in seeking to obtain favorable results for all clients.

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