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Two Interstate highways – I-77 and I-81 intersect in Wythe County, Virginia.  Thus, Wythe County is fertile ground for the issuance of speeding tickets by the Virginia State Police.  Most of those tickets are for speeding 86 mph and over.  Many of the out-of-state drivers who have just received such a ticket are unaware that they have just been charged with reckless driving!  Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor in Virginia.  The potential penalties are severe. $2500 fine, 6 months’ loss of license, 6 points on the driving record, and even jail!  Even a regular speeding conviction can raise your insurance premium and put you in the bad position where another ticket or two will result in the suspension of your license.

Who we are.

The Law Offices Of Mark Hurt has a Wytheville office across the street from the traffic court — Wythe County General District Court, where your ticket will be adjudicated.  Their attorneys have years of experience representing clients in that court.  They know the trooper who gave you the ticket.  They know the prosecutor who will prosecute your ticket.  And they know the judge who will try the case, and have a thorough understanding of his policies for the circumstances in which he will agree to reduce or dismiss a traffic ticket.

Why we can help you.

In Wythe County,  the way to get traffic tickets reduced or dismissed is by reaching an agreement with the ticketing police officer and the prosecutor, and then obtaining the judge’s approval of that agreement.  That is why our in-depth knowledge and relationships with the police, prosecutors and judge are crucial.  While the circumstances of each case are important in determining the outcome, we have been successful in getting a reduction or dismissal in the vast majority of cases, even without an argument that the driver was not speeding.  Of course, if our client was not speeding, we have no hesitation in vigorously asserting that defense.

If you were issued a traffic ticket – speeding or reckless driving — in Wythe County on either I-77 or I-81, give us a call at 276-623-0808 for a free phone consultation as to how we might help you to get your charge reduced or dismissed.  

Out-of-State drivers, including residents of New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina: We can usually appear in court for you without the need for you to come to Virginia.  

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“I had the best results with my speeding ticket. I spoke on the phone with Carol (Mt Hunt’s paralegal) multiple times and she was very responsive and helpful. She provided me with great information and advice that I followed. As a result my case concluded with the the absolute best possible outcome for my situation.” – Shelly W.

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Frankie was the best. She helped me mentally, lawfully, she communicates and I appreciate her. I would never ever contact anyone else other than her if I’m ever in a situation in VA and if this law firm can cross state lines I would pay them! I felt so secure and safe! Thanks so much!
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