A scenic county in Virginia, Pulaski County is sparsely populated, with around 34,000 residents living in an area of approximately 330 square miles (or just over 100 residents per square mile, about half of the population average in Virginia).[1]

Pulaski County is bisected from Northeast to Southwest by Interstate 81, which follows the general path of the Claytor Lake.  During this stretch of highway, Interstate 81 does not go through any cities.  The towns of Newbern[2] and Draper, lie just to the south of I-81.  Pulaski, the county seat, lies about a mile to the northwest of I-81, directly north of Draper and to the west of Newbern.

This stretch of I-81 is both scenic and rural, making it ideal for drivers to unintentionally exceed the speed limit.  State Patrol officers are well aware of these conditions, and are set up to catch unwary drivers who might be paying more attention to the scenery than to their speed.

In addition to I-81, highway 11 also runs from notheast to southwest through Pulaski County.  This highway can also be a prime area for the police to target for speeding and reckless driving violations.

Our Representation of Drivers Charged with Traffic Offenses

As Pulaski County speeding ticket lawyers and reckless driving attorneys, we represent motorists charged with driving offenses.  We are tenacious in seeking for our clients the best outcome possible.

We offer fixed fee representation, and accept credit card payments.  Typically, we can appear in court on behalf of clients, so that no lost time from work will be required.

Get the Experienced Representation You Need

With decades of legal practice, in many cases we are able to get speeding ticket and reckless driving charges reduced or dismissed. Often, such outcome involves attendance at traffic school. We will also fight tickets on behalf of clients at trial if an acceptable outcome is not reached.

Find out about your options.  While we cannot guaranty any result, in most cases, the outcome resulting from contesting a ticket will be much better than pleading guilty, paying a fine, and having insurance premiums increased and points added to a driving record.

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[1] https://www.opendatanetwork.com/entity/0400000US51/Virginia/geographic.population.density?year=2016

[2] Named after Bern, Switzerland.


Client Review: 

“In late January, I received a speeding ticket while driving on I-81. Needless to say, it was very disconcerting. I had planned to make the 4 hour drive down to appear in court on my own behalf. However, circumstances did not make this feasible. I called several attorney offices to find someone to represent me. When calling the office of Mark Hurt, I spoke with Brooke. She listened to my concerns and responded in a very professional and caring manner. She kept me abreast of what documents were needed and when those documents were received in the office. I was notified in a very timely manner that the case was dismissed .and received all of the associated documents. Finally, this office offered the most reasonable fees for services rendered. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs such services.” – Monica N.