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In the late 1800s, the first production motorcycle was made available to the public and ever since motorcycles have risen to become a favorite mode of transportation for countless folks around the world. Perhaps even more notably, motorcycling has evolved into a passion at the center of a vibrant culture of riding. 

Reasons for riding a motorcycle vary widely. Whether for sport, travel, commuting, racing, or off-road, safety should be a top priority. From the moment you sit on your bike, you accept the inherent risks. You owe it to yourself and everyone else to take necessary safety measures. 

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Cheyenne, WY area residents rely on from Davis, Johnson & Kallal | Wyoming Law can explain, some riders will walk away from an accident with minimal injury, but more commonly are seriously injured or are killed.  

However, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of getting into an accident.

Participate in a motorcycle safety course.

Whether you are an experienced rider or are a newbie, you will likely find value in taking a motorcycle safety course. You will learn meaningful tactics for responding to unforeseen situations that will likely arise when riding on the road. Research courses that are available in your area and find one that is appropriate for your current level of skill.

Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Wet road conditions are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Prior to going out for your ride check local weather reports for the time you anticipate to be riding. If you ride frequently, there will inevitably be a time when you are caught in a rain or snow storm. In this case it may be best to just pull over and wait for the conditions to improve.

Wear safety attire.

Although some find riding with minimal safety gear to be liberating, it is dangerous and just generally an ignorant mindset. Wearing safety gear such as a helmet, protective clothing, boots, gloves, and eye protection, your risk for serious injury or even death decreases substantially. Safety gear has become more comfortable over the years. It is worth the investment.

Obey traffic laws and be conservative in the saddle.

Although this should be obvious, there are some riders out there that need to hear it. There are some riders out there that find dangerous riding and maneuvers thrilling. Speeding, lane splitting, wheelies, weaving through traffic… These are all driving habits that endanger oneself and others. Follow the law, and ride conservatively for self preservation, and the safety of others.

Participate in an advanced safety course.

Advanced riders may benefit from a safety course designed for those with more experience, covering topics such as collision avoidance maneuvers, advanced turning, control tips and braking techniques. 

In order to maintain a safe environment for everyone, motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles must coexist peacefully. In order to achieve this, every other driver has to make decisions that consider limitations of other vehicles, traffic, weather, road conditions, and traffic & safety laws. Ride safe out there!

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