Safety Tips To Prevent Bike Accidents

Riding a bicycle shouldn’t be a life or death decision, and many cyclists get seriously injured because car drivers are out on the road being reckless. Anyone who has been in public lately has probably witnessed multiple drivers being careless as they speed, tailgate, run red lights, plow through stop signs, or otherwise lack regard for the rules of the road. But that’s the issue, these laws for the road are there for a reason, and they are intended to keep people safe. So when car drivers choose to be negligent, a bicycle rider can get severely injured or even lose their life. 

Bicyclists can practice safety when sharing the road with drivers, but as a bicycle accident lawyer, even the most careful cyclist may become injured anyway, since they are not in control of how car drivers maneuver on the road. Before jetting off on your next ride, consider these tips to at least reduce the chances of being seriously injured in a bike accident:

Always Wear A Helmet

Too many bicyclists are concerned about looking goofy, so they avoid wearing a helmet. They could be the most experienced bicyclist out there, but all it takes is a reckless driver to be nearby and cause a tragic accident. The simple choice of wearing a helmet can make the difference between life and death. And when you consider it that way, it makes the decision of whether to wear a helmet or not much more clear. Not all states require that bicyclists wear a helmet, but research suggests that wearing one can reduce the risk of severe injury by 70%. Head injuries are the leading cause of fatalities in bicycle accidents. 

Examine Bike Before Ride

Bike accidents are not always the result of a distracted driver, as bike malfunctions contribute to a number of crashes. You can reduce the chances of a part-related issue by examining your bike, helmet, and gear prior to going out for a ride. Furthermore, by having a bike that works properly and is the right size for you and your skill level can allow you to quickly maneuver out of the way of danger or hazards if they suddenly arise. If there are broken parts that need to be replaced, then do so before using the bicycle again. 

Practice Your Hand Signals

Many bicycle accidents happen near or at an intersection, so it’s important to ensure that you are familiar with hand signals so you can communicate with other drivers and cyclists. A driver won’t be able to anticipate what your next move is, unless you offer a fair warning ahead of time. Your hand signals should be obvious so that drivers can watch out for where you are headed. Memorize hand signals and use them accordingly.


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