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Signing an insurance release agreement should never occur unless you have spoken with an experienced personal injury attorney. One of the last steps you will encounter in handling a personal injury case through insurance is that the insurance adjuster will send you a release agreement to sign. It is imperative that you do not sign this agreement unless you are absolutely certain that you are completely healed and all damages have been accounted for. 

Why to never sign an insurance release agreement without talking to a personal injury attorney:

Many times there have been clients contacting attorneys who state they have signed a release agreement despite still being in pain and needing more treatment. Hearing that a release agreement has been signed is something that no attorney, like a personal injury attorney wants to hear. Specifically, once a release agreement is signed, the at-fault party is generally released from all liability. Essentially a settlement has been completed once the agreement is signed. There are a few exceptions that may allow a release agreement to be rescinded. Given that the release agreement is essentially a contract, one way to get out of the agreement is that you were coerced into signing it. In some states, you may have a way out if you have not yet deposited the settlement check. 

Tactics to get you to sign an insurance release agreement:

Insurance companies have gotten smart and have begun sending release agreements via e-signature methods and noting that they will deposit the settlement via direct deposit. These are simple tactics to entice folks to settle their case quickly, despite still being in pain or talking with a personal injury attorney. You do not want to end up in a situation where you sign a release agreement and then a month later realize that you have significant injuries that can no longer be covered. 

Another tactic the insurance companies use is trying to get you to settle your case fast. This is a major issue when it comes to increasing your settlement value and receiving fair compensation. Be weary if you feel that an insurance adjuster is moving the process along quickly and placing an agreement in front of you right after the accident. 

Why to always read the insurance release agreement before signing:

It is also imperative to ensure that you read any agreement from insurance thoroughly before signing anything. Some tactics by insurance include placing property damage and bodily injury damage in the same release agreement. You may think you are simply signing to have your car fixed, but you may be also signing your rights away to seek compensation for your injuries. 

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Talking with an experienced personal injury attorney directly after a car accident is the best case scenario to avoid this situation. A personal injury law firm can goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service and to ensure that you are fully healed prior to accepting a settlement through insurance. Signing an insurance release agreement after an accident is always a bad idea unless you have first spoken with an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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