Preparing For Traffic Court

Most drivers will receive an upsetting traffic ticket at one point or another, but most don’t know how to prepare for appearing in traffic court. To make matters even more stressful, there are many people who are willing to give unsolicited advice that is usually based on partial truths and may not be applicable to that person’s situation. 

In order to clear up incorrect information that you may have already heard or read, it is recommended that you speak with a lawyer who is knowledgable specifically in handling traffic tickets.


Arrive Prepared

Your lawyer can walk you through what the traffic ticket hearing is going to be like. Your lawyer can practice example questions beforehand of what the judge may ask you, and how you should respond. Being unprepared ultimately eradicates any chance you have of receiving a favorable outcome or plea bargain for your case.


Dress Accordingly

Don’t show up to court in your casual clothes. Many drivers fail to understand just how powerful it can be to show that you are ready, presentable, and organized. Dressing up is not just your lawyer’s job, so the last thing you should show up in is your leisurely clothes or gym attire. Essentially, dress as if you are going to a professional interview. 


Respect the Process

No matter how upset you are about the ticket or how unfair you think it is that you received it, you have to be respectful to everyone that you see at the courthouse, including the clerk, prosecution and judge.  Of course, this is just using good manners, but it can influence the verdict for your case.


As your reliable Greensville County, VA Traffic Lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt has seen before, there are many ways people may unknowingly hinder their chances at a favorable verdict. If you need assistance with preparing for a traffic ticket hearing or other related matter, the first person to get advice from is a reputable lawyer. 


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